The Cancun UN conference on global warming ended in a whimper. No doubt this was in part due to delays caused for flights out by “extreme winter storms” in much of Europe and North America. Again, I suggest that these conferences would be better held in the summer when one can quickly retrieve his morning press from the paper box twenty yards from the front door, instead of in winter when the paper box might as well be twenty miles away.

Not to be detered, we now have the global warming warriors explaining that the harsh winters are the result of the earth getting warmer. Stunning, global warming is making the earth colder. Of course the real story here is that global warming is changing weather patterns. But where is the news here? This has been happening for the last 10,000 years. Of course some take a long time in understanding certain basic truths.

The harsh winters causing havoc in holiday travel as well as monumental heating fuel bills, is an elequent affirmation of my basic contention, global warming is good, not bad. The earth is basically a cold place. The earth’s averge temperature of 15 degrees C or 60 degrees F is the same as a good wine celler. But at that temperature the unprotected human body dies of hypothermia in a matter of a few hours. This world would be a far more comfortable place to live if it were warmer. We can’t all live in Florida.