Shocking! I read an article that said the Marshall Islands government is concerned that if the oceans rise as predicted by experts they will rise by 20 inches over the next century. Many of the atolls that comprise the Marshalls rise less than this meaning they will sink under the seas.

My home in Florida is 18 inches above high tide. I assume from this report that my home will one day be an acquarium. Imagine, fish swimming in and out of the rooms.

But a century. A century ago it took a US Army convoy, with a young Dwight Eisenhower on board, 60 days to cross the USA from Washington DC to San Francisco. Most of the road was dirt and the trip was an ordeal. Today we have an interstate highway system that allows us to travel quickly by car to any place in the USA.

The first airline was formed a century ago following the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. (Question, where would such a flight stop?) Today we have thousands of transoceanic flights every day.

A century ago coal was the main source of fuel. Today petroleum has replaced coal as the main fuel source.

My point? Anyone who attempts to predict the condition of the earth 100 years into the future defines hubris. We have only an inkling of what the world will be that far in the future.

Yes, do make plans for say 20 years into the future. But 100 years? Where is my Ouji board?