There has been no more elequent comment on the hot topic of climate change than the still falling snow on Washington DC and elsewhere. With the whole country in the “Deep Freeze of 2010″ it is hard to warn about the world becoming a hot, humid tropical paradise.

I am at Mardi Gras in New Orleans where the intense cold has had an impact on the festivities. The crowds lining the parade routes are fewer in number, in fact not all the routes are “lined.” I leave you to imagine how the cold lowers the propensity to engage in the traditional baring of flesh. But I did see the famous “Naked Cowboy” of Times Square fame standing in the Old Quarter wearing nothing but his guitar and his jockey shorts.

I come here to join the party put on by my cousin who owns a road house in Southern Maryland and his son who lives in New Orleans. All of the guests from the DC area and other places had travel mishaps caused by the snow, including my daughter who had her original flight from San Francisco canceled because of the snow. However, being a bright young lady she rearranged her trip and arrived only a few hours later than planned. Believe me, everyone in this group would applaud a warmer earth.

I would speculate that, given the other major problems facing the Obama Administration, not the least being Democrats bowing out of this year’s election, the “Deep Freeze” will allow placing climate change lower on the agenda.