I have refrained from writing on climate change for fear that too many readers north of the Georgia-Florida border would be unable to log in and read up because of widespread power line outages due to the winter storms making the American South look more and more each day like the American Midwest. Face it, hard to make a case for the ills of the earth getting warmer when you are in the hospital with a heart attack due to shoveling snow out of your driveway for days on end.

I am, however, heartened by the Obama Administration taking a subtle tack to a more viable course in the heavy seas of global warming and energy policy. The President has pointedly included more nuclear power and clean coal in our several efforts to find a less polluting, more domestic supply of energy. In doing so he moved the debate away from lessening our use of energy to prevent problems for our environment, to one of finding less polluting supplies. And recognizing the limited help we will get from new, alternative energies until a more distant future, he is turning to answers that offer more immediate assistance.

I applaud this more realistic approach. The reality is that the consumption of energy will continue to grow at a fast pace as the less fortunate lands take their rightful places among the more prosperous nations. Let us shape the energy used, not waste our efforts in trying to stem this growth.