I watched a fascinating TV interview with a “terrorsm” expert in London, England. I was not fascinated by the speaker, but by the scene forming the backdrop, a snow covered London! I have lived in London so am aware that the snowy scenes of “A Christmas Carol” are about as far removed in history as the story itself. Truth be known, it rarely snows in London, even though it is further north than Gander, New Foundland.

Of course London did not look as bad as the scenes we have had this week from the “New American MidWest” - Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama. Needless to add the folks further “up north” are suffering from more brutal conditions. Even here in Florida we are being hard hit by freezing temeperatures, at least in the northern part of the state, and investors are buying orange juice futures as fast as they can. I have a reliable report that a gator in a nearby everglades lake was seen wearing a scarf.

Am I surprised? Well, no. As I have been saying repeatedly the earth is bascially a cold place and I welcome global warming with open arms. In my book it can’t come fast enough. Of course that will probably guarantee that scenes of a snow covered London will be even more rare, if ever seen again.