A comment made the other day by someone speaking about global warming was for me an epiphany. The comment, “we humans are essentially carbon compositions.” How enlightening, here we are locked in battle to reduce carbon emissions, specifically carbon dioxide emissions, and the human body is 18% carbon with most of the rest being water. Even more revealing, we exhale carbon dioxide, so by the mere act of breathing we contribute to “green house gas” emissions. When one considers how basic carbon is to life on this planet, one begins to wonder why the furor about simply adding to the pool.

And what is the evil unleashed by adding more of this most natural element to the world, warmth. Yes we are worried about getting too warm. Funny, much of the last 10,000 years of human history was spent trying to get warm - we invented fire, buildings, clothes and other such means to keep ourselves from freezing to death.

And why is warmth an evil, because it is causing changes in our environment. So the actual evil is not warmth, but change. But the only constant in this world is change, so we are fighting against the very nature of life. And we will not prevail, change is inevitable. Even the most ardent global warming warrior says the best we can expect to accomplish with reducing green house gases is to slow down global warming, not stop it.

I for one welcome global warming. As I have always said, the earth is bascially a cold place. Far more people die of cold than die of heat. It is the reason people flock to Florida where I live. It is also the reason they flock to Mallorca for sun where I have another home.

I smile when I hear the doomsday scenarios drawn by the global warming crowd. Living at 18 inches above high tide on an island surrounded by the sea I should be one of the most concerned, but I know that it will take at least a century or two at the present break neck pace of global warming to bring the waves to my door. Another fearsome prospect directly aimed at me is more hurricaines. Well, after having lost parts of two houses and a car to hurricaines, I have learned how to adapt to their threat.

Which brings me to my constant comment about global warming, instead of wasting time trying to stop the inevitable, i.e. the earth is getting warmer, let us spend our energies figuring out how to adapt to the new conditions. Mankind has learned how to adapt to a host of changing situations. Increased warmth should not be too much of a problem.

In the meantime, I guess I better go out and check the depth of the sea in front of the house.