Well we already know the outcome of the UN Conference on Climate Change now underway in Copenhagen, Denmark. The participants will commit themselves to a political goal of reducing green house gases. The little details of how much reduction, when and where, will be left to a follow up meeting to write a treaty.

Left unanswered is the small question of how much the “rich” countries will pay the “poor” countries to join them in controlling green house gas emmissions. I say small but the opening request from the “poor” was $600 billion. The “rich” countered with an offer of $10 billion. Closing the gap should not be a big problem, or should it?

The waters have also been muddied by revelations of emails between those forcing the issue of global warming in which the scientists discuss getting rid of “incovenient truths.” Imagine, those dedicated to getting the world to take action they believe critical to the future of the planet, notice I did not say mankind, actually supressed some information to insure they get their wish. Of course, we can always dismiss a bit of “missionary zeal” when the stakes are high.

Well whatever, the issue will once more be kicked down the road.