Presdent Obama has stated that the US will commit itself to a palpable reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. He will present this commitment to the world at the UN Conference on Climate Change to be held in Denmark in two weeks. He believes this will induce other countries to make similar commitments.

And the Chinese have already followed suit. They have formally now committed themselves to major reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade and beyond. However, as I previously noted, the Chinese commitment is tied to the country’s “economic progress.” In other words, it will reduce emissions as long as it does not slow down its economic growth.

So now we have countries making commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to present at the Conference. They will be able to declare victory and go home. But wait, the precedent is the Kyoto Agreement, which was a formal treaty to reduce greenhouse gases. I don’t see any formal agreement coming about at the Conference but rather alot of stated commitments.

Well the Kyoto Agreement failed notably to reduce such gases. Even the host country, Japan, failed to reduce greenhouse gases, in fact the gases produced in Japan increased. If a formal agreement does not do the job, what can one expect from statements about intentions to reduce gases?

Meanwhile President Lulu of Brazil said any cost of preventing deforestation in his country will have to be paid for by the rich countries. He said he has no intention of preventing his people from cutting down the trees if they are not compensated by the rich boys.

Well Copenhagen is certainly going to have a very warm winter this year.