I am gazing out to the Mediterranean. This last week we have seen unusually rough seas with massive waves crashing on the rocks 50 meters from my front door. Salt spray covers the house, the plants, the car, everything. I then turn to gaze at the mountains behind with their barren north faces showing the sheer walls left by huge blocks of rock breaking off and falling to the sea. In fact, my house rests on what was once part of the mountain behind.

In this place, which is now referred to in tourist literature as, “Between the Mountains and the Sea,” one gains a profound understanding of how the earth changes over the centuries, nay, over the millions of years. I realize that this marvelous place, surrounded by the largest nature park in Mallorca, will one day be much different. I know that my house will one day be gone leaving little more than the remnants left by the 4000 year old burrial chamber recently discovered 500 meters away. And one day all be under the rest of the mountain when it crumbles away. No, the sea may try to claim it, but the mountains will win.

All this makes me reflect once more on the hubris of those who would try to keep the world as it is. Conservationists now morphed into environmentalists lack the proper perspective. The mountains will fall and erupt again, the seas will rise and then fall, the ice will melt and then grow again, species will become extinct and new ones will evolve, and man will evolve. No, we cannot keep what we see and sense as it is. We can guide the changes somewhat, but mere mortals have little power when matched against mountains and sea.