I am currently finishing my 3rd year at Texas A&M and was considering applying for the Peace Corp in the fall. I’ve been looking into recruiting services and found that the nearest office is located in Dallas. Is there any other way to go about talking with a recruiter about my options/get more information?

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Dear Aggie,

First, I feel compelled to tell you that if you did what I did and chose to study in Austin (M.P.Aff, LBJ 2001), you’d have been that much closer to Dallas… Just kidding, of course  (aaahhh chooo”hook ‘em”oooo)- Okay- sorry couldn’t resist.

I will echo what John Coyne already said- Dallas is your nearest recruitment office, but they spend lots of time out of the office and you can find out exactly where they will be if you go to the Peace Corps website ( click on the Find Local Events section and plug in your state.  But don’t you fret my friend- I’ve already done it for you.  Your next opportunity to “talk” (or in this case cyber-talk) to Dallas is coming up on May 14th- you can sign up for an online information session.  Then on June 25th there is a recruiting information session in Houston. Hope this helps. (Your post by the way has inspired my next topic on college juniors- so keep reading!)

Thanks for your email.  Good luck with the process and in the meantime, please have some Amy’s ice cream for me . . .  I certainly miss that, and Texas sunsets, and live music, and the Texas 2 Step at the Broken Spoke, and great burgers, and great tex-mex, and Lyle Lovett . . .  Great- now I’m Texas homesick . . . . . . .