Addis Neger is a weekly newspaper whose editor was warned by the government to censor itself.  The editor, Tamerat Negera, took the hint and is now in exile.  The paper continues to publish online.

Today it is providing a live blog here: Addis Neger, with regular updates from around the country.  (You have to refresh your screen to see the updates.)

Reports from various cities and towns as well as Addis indicate a much lower turnout than in 2005, with a heavy visible police presence and some intimidation of voters.  Whatever else one can learn from this, it is evident that technology has penetrated far into Ethiopia.

Reported here: two opposition candidates — in Adama (more often called Nazret in the past but the Oromo name is now favored) and Bishoftu (the former, revived Oromo name, but still often called Debre Zeit) have withdrawn on election day amid suggestions but as yet no evidence that they were bribed.

The blog sends reports from its own observers but also forwards comments it receives from others by email, including supporters of the government.  Impressive!