The headline of the Voice of America news item says it well enough.  The article is a reasonable summary of a complicated situation.

There has been at most a small change in US policy since Obama took office. Mostly it is the sharper tone of Voice of America coverage these days, a novel way, maybe, to make new policy. Broadcasts in Amharic have been jammed for weeks, and now those in Tigrinya and Orominya also, I am told.

The State Department has said almost nothing about Ethiopia for years.  The new US ambassador presented his credentials only a few weeks ago.  And naturally the Ethiopian government isn’t interested in hearing anything new from the US right now. Anyway, China looms larger than the US in Ethiopia’s mind these days. And of course the election and maybe some nervous time afterwards is only days away.

Voting will take place this coming Sunday, May 23.  Though no one expects anything but a landslide in favor of the ruling party, the government will hold its collective breath until it feels confident that there will be no aftershocks.

Whatever the outcome, as the VOA article that starts this post notes, the situation will remain complicated for the US. And given what’s happening elsewhere, the Horn of Africa will not get the attention of any important policymakers unless/until something ugly happens.

For more about Ethiopia’s election, there are news reports here.  Scroll through the headlines after choosing ‘Ethiopia‘ under ‘ARCHIVE CATEGORIES‘.  If you put ‘Voice of America’ in the search engine, it should bring up some recent coverage.