Are the pirates media-savvy?  Timing is everything, of course.  They were the lead story on every TV talk show this Sunday morning, providing an equal opportunity to right and left-leaners to parade their wisdom.  Newt Gingrich (who wanted to bomb the North Korean missile last week) now wants to board a Blackhawk helicopter and reprise Mogadishu, 1993.  Paul Krugmen reduced piracy to statistics, showing that even a brilliant economist can know the price of everything but the value of nothing; for him,  piracy is statistically insignificant, an irritant on the order of occasional muggings in big cities.

A lot of news items on piracy off the coast of Somalia can be found at my news archive site: East Africa Forum.   Look in the category ‘Somalia’.

Here are a few interesting sites.  For an extensive overview, I recommend item #2 by Amb. David Shinn.

1.  A quick survey of piracy with nice reproductions and familiar names…Sir Francis Drake, Capt. Kidd, the Barbary Pirates, etc.


2.  A recent paper/talk by retired Ambassador David Shinn (Ethiopia, 1996-1999), now teaching at George Washington University, taken from the website where I archive news items about the Horn.

East Africa Forum

3.  A BBC world affairs analyst’s review of the lessons from 19th century responses to piracy for today.

Could 19th Century Plan Stop Piracy?