Day 10 of my Boycott of TSA and the Airlines

Since it’s Sunday I thought I might squeeze in a spot of spiritual.

What do the New Agers, big meditators, Jesus fans, conscious evolutionaries,  Buddhists, Muslims agree on concerning the crises of our times?

Let us pray.

And all those who don’t know the spiritual world scoff at this.  What a waste of time.  That’s what children do.

Real men watch sports.  Real women go shopping.  Real people solve problems, or complain about them.

Prayer, meditation, that’s for the odd ones.  Let them do what they need to do, but don’t involve me.  Please, I bristle just hearing the word Christ.  I’m totally fine if we invent a whole new word for Christmas.

How easy it is to miss the point.  Yet it’s so much more simple than it seems.

Connect to that which gives you the greatest feeling of connection.  Whatever that means to you.  That’s what spirituality and religion really are and how they benefit everyone.  They all strive toward a truth that’s hard for most of us to accept:  Happiness is not our birthright.  Success is not our goalpost.  It’s not even our purpose.

When we achieve happiness and/or success without a noble sense of purpose we quickly become unhappy again.  When we don’t have access to our own divine wisdom we become easily lost and not easily found.  Lost in the illusion of our daily life, lost in our relationships or drugs, all which could change again tomorrow, we accumulate goods, appreciate services, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Some of us feel the impulse there’s something more.  Not just a spiritual impulse but an evolutionary one that charges us with the energy to drive forward, against the urging of ego, past the quotidian comfort, through our culturally-created fog and into the place of magic and possibility.

Loads of groups are preaching doomsday, the only I’m familiar with who refuse to get cynical or separate are Integral theorists, and they are continually petitioning their seekers to engage.  Engage it all!  Don’t just sit on your cushion and connect with all that’s holy-get back out there and work it.  Listen not only to spirit but to the impulse of Infinite Becoming.

Could it be that the only thing actually wrong with the world right now is that we have allowed ourselves to get so distracted that we forgot that the very real impulse we feel to connect with one another was evolved from our original impulse to connect with purpose—the first thing we would have had to learn how to do as we banded together into tribes.  Language, bonding over children and survival.  We had very real evolutionary noble purpose together.  Maybe that’s all that’s missing now.  When I think of it that way, it doesn’t seem anymore like a problem we can’t solve.  Or might choose to die trying, rather than accept dull or meaningless alternatives.

Follow this blog for the next 15 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

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Not in my House!