Then I wake up.  It’s a world where sanctioned violence of every kind is named as it should be:  Evil.  This includes psychic violence–coercion, lying, manipulation.  Truth is the highest virtue and the pursuit of all humankind:  Used to empower not control.  Ethics are discussed at the dinner table and in the public square by an informed public concerned first with the Conscious Evolution of all people toward new heights of compassion, mutual respect, tolerance, peace.  Leading is done by example or it is not done at all.  Hypocrisy is as great a sin as murder.

I wake up in a world where the Golden Rule is the only rule of law.  I turn on the daily world news and smile, because I’m enjoying one more day of no war anywhere on the planet.  This touches my heart so deeply tears begin to well-up in my eyes as I remember the dream from which I’d just woken.

It was an Orwellian world of deception and debauchery, aggression and idol-worship.  We were all wage-slaves stuck in an eternal game of Chutes and Ladders:  climb up, slide down, climb back up, slide back down–your turn, his turn, my turn.  Progress was defined by how much the ones at the top could get the rest of us to do for less and less, until the chutes turned into snakes and the ladders turned into roller coasters going round and round, racing all over the board in chaos, held there by the power-drunk, on the verge of annihilation .

In all the films and music and politics there was nothing new under the sun.   Nothing but food , fashion, festivities, FUN:  All of Hollywood showing us how it’s done.  The whole world was a stage and the puppet-masters had won.  Everyone was gorging, laughing, hurling their excesses as they mindlessly spun.   Dante’s new book exclaimed with glee, “Vultures feed first:  The Globalist picnic has begun!”

NOOOOO!  No, please, it cannot be!

Wake Up!  We can’t go down like this.  We can REFUSE to go down like this.  We CAN wake up from this nightmare we are creating, history does not have to repeat itself again and again.  The New World Order can become The New Paradigm.   We don’t need Fathers in Heaven or the White House telling us what to do and think.  We don’t need CEOs and Popstars showing us how to live or who to be.

It’s a simple shift in consciousness, as simple as waking up in the morning.  We are creating this reality:  The master-slave relationship is just that, a Relationship.  If you don’t like it anymore, break up.

If it seems too hard or complicated for you then go back to sleep, if you must.  But if you are someone who knows where there’s the will there’s the way, then watch this, and prepare for Our new Worldview.

The unified field is marked by pure potential, also known as God, the Creator.


The Emoto Experiments: Water crystals transformed by music, prayer, words and thoughts!

The Emoto Experiments: Water crystals transformed by music, prayer, words and thoughts!