In continuation of last week’s post:  Love and/or Reason and/or Liberty.  Yes, beginning each word in caps throughout.  I know how annoying that can be for some folks, sorry in advance.  I did try to avoid it.

To extend a requiem with an apology, I wonder if that’s appropriate.  Equally inappropriate, that wondering, I suppose.  Six sentences of bullshit obsession before I even begin.

An extended moment of anguish.  A deep breath.  A jump.

What is it of the firefly flashing only at night, easy enough to touch but spontaneous in its flight?  As children in its magic we delight.  Dancing ’round under the stars in hope we capture their fairy light.

What is it to lose what we had once known?  The path of Truth can be as illusive as the firefly’s.  But, that’s unacceptable.  But, in the search for it again we can find something else.  Patience.  That’s even harder to gain and so even more unacceptable to lose.

For a few, that last post, the first part of my requiem, was something of a pickle.  I totally get it.  If I were to try to draw it on a diagram, it would look like a spider web hit by a strong north wind.

Now I’ll try to help them navigate.  Because it is on me when I cannot communicate.

Maybe I chose the wrong lines of the song?

And how I’ve loved

And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learnt

As long as you are
True to the life that you live
This is the time
To feel love

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What’s wanting to emerge?  So they ask in New-Age-speak.

To turn away is only to temporarily circumvent.  To all then their detriment.

What we know now as True: It is in Love that feeling of emergence, not Happiness.  An evolutionary essential to humanity is discomfort.   The Truth hurts long before it sets you free.  Because of that I say maybe Stef and Aristotle have it a bit off:  Happiness is not our highest pursuit.

To marry Love and Reason–  would that not equal Liberty?

Co-create, they say, those with the means to say such lovely things.

To which others reply, what sort of time have I?

The workin’ man, yo?  Y’all as blind out there as any average mo-fo!

But to the message all could surely agree.  Be True to the life you live, that’s all we’re singing.  If you want Love, give Truth.

A new congregation.

A brighter sky.

Love to inspire Truth; Truth to inspire Love.

This is the time to feel love

Picking up momentum

Every nerve like a firefly

Glow divine

There is no feeling of divinity in Happiness, elation sure, but nothing of the divine.  It’s as far from it as masturbating to porn is to Tantric orgasm with your lover.  Or so I would venture to guess anyway.

The problem of a lack of Liberty is actually a problem of lack of Love, not a lack of Happiness.  That’s why I like to bring up the New Agers in conversations about Reason, no matter how annoyed it makes those conversing about either.

Stef, not a big fan of New Agers or other mystical types, says:  Reason = Virtue = Happiness

On this I most wholeheartedly disagree.  I say: Reason = Virtue = Love = Liberty=Truth=.

And I’d write them in a perfect circle, if I knew how to do that here.

They say:  Happiness is the meaning of life.  I say: Hogwash.

Love trumps Happiness in all things.

Why Love over Happiness?  Ah, maybe here I believe we may begin to transgress.

Happiness drips with narcissism, love includes at least a thread of altruism. In Happiness there is no deeper intention to spread your wealth, with love, it is said, the entire purpose is to share.

I can control my Love more than my Happiness. I can dish it our freely or hold on to it miserly.  Depending on the Love I’m giving or receiving, my Happiness is directly affected.

For Love, the ego must be at least somewhat transcended, for Happiness not at all.


After a more exacting search I was able to find a gorgeous translation of the botched verse I shared last time.  It’s just too well-done not to include it in context.

From La Nuit de Mai by Alfred de Musset, among the greatest Romantic poets ever, in more than my opinion.

The Night in May

O voice from the abysmal deeps,

Lay not on me this last command!

Man leaves no writing on the sand

When at its hour the north-wind sweeps.

There was a time when love, in sooth,

Rose ceaseless on my lips, and youth

Was ready, like a bird, to sing;

But I have suffered, as through fire,

And should my silent griefs desire

To speak their anguish on my lyre

Their lightest breath would break the string.

(Translated by William John Robertson)

As in the song above, here’s that pesky suffering once again.  An intrinsic part of love, no doubt, but not part of Happiness.

Happiness is too shallow to tie either Reason or Virtue to it without dismissing their depths.  Truth is too magnanimous to give Happiness more than a highchair at the table.

I’ve had two great teachers these last few years and I’ve written of them often.  One, Katherine Woodward Thomas, taught me what she knows of Love.  The other, Stefan Molyneux, is teaching me what he knows of Reason.  I see clearly how desperately these two need to theoretically tie the knot if there’s any hope to birth Truth.

How low we’ve sunk by honoring Happiness over Love.  What ugly decadence has bullied humility and kindness.  Suffering, sacrifice, longing in the name of Happiness is a never-ending Ferris wheel.  The same in the name of Love will forever feed the soul.

Every nerve like a firefly
Glow divine

I don’t think she’s singing about Reason.

But, alas a reasonable conclusion:  Happiness does not make great poetry or great people.