The Truth about Benghazi and the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others will be pursued until long after Hillary Clinton occupies the White House once again.  The days where the Corporatocracy controls the narrative are long gone, thanks to alternative media.

It is in respect for this RPCV, in the stated missions of the Peace Corps, and in pursuance of secular ethics that those in power are repeatedly questioned and held responsible and that the truth is pursued consistently and their crimes are never forgotten.

This “Truth About Benghazi” presented by Stefan Molyneux moved me to remember not only this devoted man, but also the abhorrent futility of war.  I joined the Peace Corps and continue to support its efforts for the very same reason as Molyneux consistently advocates his commitment to Truth and the Non-Aggression Principle.

“So really what is there to add to this chilling, almost I would say, demonic narrative other than to say at some point, we as a species are going to have to face the reality that the last war did little if nothing to prevent the next war;  that the First World War sparked the landslide that lead to the Second World War, which created the conflict which led to the Korean War. which created the theory of containment that led to the Vietnam War. which led to all kinds of problems in America. led to stagflation and the arming of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden for the mujahedin, then lead to problems in the Middle East as a whole, may have led to the Gulf War, may have led to September 11, 2001, which led to the War on Terror.  These dominoes are never ever going to stop until we look at history in frozen time and so look at history as it is and look right over our shoulder just in the short-sided rear-view mirror and say that last war was for nothing.  The agony of that is almost impossible to comprehend.  How a war can be worse than nothing?”

The Cover UP

The Cover UP

The Truth About Benghazi: