Day 11 of my Boycott of TSA and the airlines

Disbelief still shakes me as I voyage through cyber-space instead of through the Scottish Highlands.  It’s become hyper-clear that this is not about safety at all.  It’s about control.

I’ve learned face recognition software will become commonplace and that information held with records and personal data of all sorts taken from records of any kind including data collected through social media will all be stored and available.

When the government is in control of our Health, including what kind of doctors we see, what those doctors study and what procedures they are to perform.  You are required to get radiation treatment as a cancer patient:

Activists receive special scrutiny and are added to secret government watch lists.

Are people on the list because they have strange names?

What about looking weird?  Another innocent SSSS victim:

“DHS’ new rules for the Terror Screening Watchlist Service state that the agency “does not control the accuracy” of information retained in the database.”

Don’t shoot the messenger!

“But if you want to know if you’re in the database, you’ll be out of luck. A proposed rule by DHS would keep the database secret by exempting it from nearly every provision of the Privacy Act

What’s hardest of all for me to put my mind around is the fact that enough people like this idea to have made it happen.  Now they’ll be able to locate you live by camera from a long distance.

“Control the food, control the water, control the animal.” -Old farmer’s expression

As we as humans have grown in social complexity we could now add to that: control the energy sources, control the information, control the movement of the herd.

Today is the last day my question remains:

Is this list about safety, or is it about control?

It’s just too obvious to continue when the amount of evidence easily gathered in a couple hours daily runs into the hundreds of links.

How is it they can keep us ceaselessly arguing about gun control while they insidiously introduce armed drones into our airspace?  And how can they expect the populous to not want weapons when they are everywhere and our government is accumulating them by the ton?

We have overflowing jails, more prisoners than anywhere else on the planet, and a militarized police force.

Last night on the televised evening news they repeated a glowing story about a family who’s excited to try the new tracking chip now approved for humans.

Then came a story about the fabulous new technology that will allow police to stop crime before it happens. The computer will tell the agent if you intend to commit a crime in the future.  Remind you of anything?

Coming soon to an armed officer near you:

Future Attribute Screening Technology!

Body Signal Screening!

Not mad science, no science at all! Just technology!!

To create the illusion they can make you safe

According to Dr. Rose:  “Joining these are the rapidly advancing neurotechnologies of internal surveillance - reading minds and intentions through brain scanning and potentially intervening in them through transcranial magnetic stimulation. Although these bioinformation technologies sound like science fiction, they are being vigorously pursued by the US military’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.”

What’s most curious is how still though so many know we continue to feed power to corrupt systems.

In some cases we really are powerless, or so it would seem.   But there are lots of ways of peaceful resistance, mindful sabotage, civilized disobedience that together could create such momentum.

Right now simply in not protesting we are accepting these conditions.  We are collectively saying we find it will increase safety for us if the same people who hold so much power that they can conspire and create an autopsy report that a man with his hands cuffed behind his back has shot himself in the head will now have unprecedented knowledge about anyone they want for any reason and we’re going to give them fancy new technologies in order to do just that, including all the weapons they need to enforce their arbitrary will.

For a comprehensive list of privacy violations.

Now I’m half-way through my 21 day commitment to blog on our dwindling civil liberties.

From now on all posts will be Solution-Oriented!  You’re welcome!

Follow this blog for the next 14 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

If you think there might be something rotting in OUR House that needs our attention, simply in the comments section write:

Not in my House!