The quote hit me like punch in the stomach and I bounded from the couch to write it down.  Why! Why do I still force myself to watch this mainstream horse drivel?  It’s like watching Pro-wrestling–I know it’s all a show, but I feel I must stay in-tune with the folks who actually find this entertaining, or believable.

“I would say, 95% of what I hear from women, is, ‘Help. Please, help’.”  So claims Ann Romney with exaggerated confidence and lack of either humility or grace–painfully reminding me of a titan’s wife in a bad 50s film.

“Let them eat cake!” I expected her to belt out after the next interview question.

I’d rather live in a glass house in the desert than call this woman 1st Lady.  And I’d like a list of these supposed women, 95% of them, who are begging her for handouts before she ever reaches the White House.  I believe this is one of the most appalling and offensive sentences spoken by a presidential candidate’s wife in recorded history.

Please, don’t ever help me, please, Mrs. Mitt! I want to go on record right now as one of the 5% who might be spared her future charity.  What will it be, pink cell phones?  A complimentary Rape Kit with every purchase over $1,000?

Where are the candidates who represent me, or at least come close?  Where are the Green Party candidates, the Progressives, the Libertarians.  Oh, wait a minute, they’re not allowed to join the club!  We all need more time to learn to love either the Democrat or the Republic.  Because we are a free country with principles of democracy–we get to choose!  Don’t get confused because they seem exactly the same, look closer, you can see very clearly they are two different colors with two different names!

Who do these jokers think they’re fooling?!

We don’t need your help, Mrs. Romney, we need your HONOR!  We need election reform!  We need you to tell them to stop stealing our money for wars and shady banking deals!

And we especially don’t need your CHARITY, oh Great One, we need you to get your head out of the clouds, jump down off that high horse and see what this corrupt, inequitable, dominating system is doing our country and our world.

If women are really saying ‘Help!’ then I’m screaming Stand UP Sisters!

Here’s our chance, en masse, to take back our government from the 1% and regain the Civil Liberties stolen from us with the Patriot Act and Citizens United, so that WE CAN HELP OURSELVES.

Marianne Williamson is going to show us how and back us up .  Join us . . .