I’m not saying it’s easy, or that we’re already doing it to our capacity, but we’re now three steps closer.  The garden is thriving and 75% of what we consume comes from what we produce.  If only I could give up the wine, olives and vodka, that might make us closer to 80%!

With the rain-water collection system-that’s Handy Hubby’s design, engineering and installation, all now nearly in place, along with our first homemade solar system on the rooftop–it’s a far-cry from where we were just a couple years ago.  How awesome is it to have a man with serious SKILLS?!

Still, I know in general how unpopular we are in the grand scheme of things.  We avoid talking about all that which drives us to take such serious measures: Peak Oil, Peak Water, Peak Soil, The Tipping Point.  After all, we wouldn’t want to come off as crazy conspiracy theorists!

I’m not pretending we’re in anything close to alignment-after all, when boiled right down to it– Handy Hubby works in the Oil Industry, and I basically work for the Military-Industrial Complex, with a shot of Wal-Mart.  Paradoxically, as usual, we both like our jobs, as far as jobs go.  I have awesome, dedicated, inspiring students.  Handy Hubby has an ideal schedule, unlike most workers of any kind.

At the moment I’m watching the film Escape from Suburbia-and just as the film claims, for most, that’s not going to happen.  I grew up in the suburbs and so longed to escape, but I had no idea what I longed to escape to.   Because, as they say in the film, “there’s nowhere to escape to!”  Still, what they say and we now know is, for some of us anyway, this is the fun part!

This, what we’re doing here, is not the answer, we don’t even pretend.  We’re just asking the questions and having fun.  Changing lifestyle is HUGE, for most, it’s traumatic.  I don’t recommend it for anyone, especially anyone without the skills of a very handy hubby, reliable employment, a support network and especially a good therapist or coach.  Better yet, make that a team of them.

But when you see it as necessary, as the only way forward, or the only answer to the “gamma trap,” you do it. Or, at least, you try.  And in our case, you just don’t go through two 100-year evacuations within 3 years and find it possible to go back to the way things were.  The surest road to change is paved with the yellow bricks of crisis.

So, we dredge an old/new path and then with all the resolute wisdom we can muster we proclaim with the very best intentions:  And So It Is, AND SO IT SHALL BE!

Don’t just BE the change, DO the change.  Do-be-do-be-DO!