We’ve attempted through myriad tactics and many generations to incite positive social change.

We’ve managed change through education, dissent, rebellion, passive resistance, war.  In spite of so much change we’ve still managed to maintain a hierarchical system of power where the desires of a few trump not only those of the many, but also of our inalienable rights as individuals.  We collude with this system everyday through our schools, our government, our jobs and lifestyles, and within our family structures.  Many are still playing along though they’ve long known the “father knows best” system failed us ages ago.

As a system it’s given us some great tools, technologies and even greater diversions.  It’s bred brilliance, but also a populace where overall folks care more about sports than politics, more about Hollywood than health, more about violence than harmony, more about producing than the planet.

In our Domination model it’s enough to cite “our interests” to declare war, conquer nations, pillage, humiliate.  We support prisons that don’t repatriate, an educational system that is akin to brainwashing, an infrastructure that’s collapsing from disrepair, a socioeconomic structure that leaves masses of our children hungry.   We wonder why we can’t bear to watch the news and need pills to sleep at night.

Could 2012 be the beginning of the age of a new global ethic?  If you’re attuned to reading between the lines, you’d say like me, “Oh Yes!”

In our current patriarchal, hierarchical cultural paradigm a conscientious observer might otherwise be inclined toward depression or despair, because he’s been trained only to see what he can physically see.   But the number of folks who can see solutions in the spaces between–between the lines, peoples, places, planets, times–is exploding.

Astrophysicist Nassim Haramein is on the cutting edge of space, spending his life studying the 99.99% of the known universe.  He claims scientists have so far gotten it all wrong:  it’s not the trees, stars, planets, oceans, forests, bodies that will reveal the true nature of the universe, it’s everything else between.  In the space is held the key to not only the still evasive “unifying theory,” but also to the perfect answer to the prevailing question of how to evolve consciousness and restructure the entire workings of the world.

What is the ultimate answer to no more war, no more starvation, no more domination?  It begins with tapping into the universal source of unlimited free energy, and it’s absolutely do-able.  How does that sound for a New Year’s resolution?!

From free energy the day will quickly dawn when a privileged few don’t have power over the vast majority.  Our very notion of POWER will shift dramatically so that our sociopolitical system will again become a Collaboration model, as in the long period before written history.  Interestingly, it sounds a lot like true Democracy.

It’s not called Utopia, it’s called Pragmatopia (Riane Eisler) and it’s not an illusion or ideology.  We do have the power to start creating it now.  There is definitely enough will and knowledge in the collective.  There’s really just one thing that must drastically shift:  How we are relating to one another–the relational field–the space between us.  What will it look like to no longer see others in terms of “haves” and “have nots”?  How can we as individuals prepare for such a future?

I wish I had all the answers, or could see the biggest picture, or could simply snap my fingers to make it be, but I don’t and I can’t.  I do feel very confident in the first step:  Meditation.  When we meditate we honor the space, we allow the space, we grow inside the space–then creativity begins to flourish again from its source and we nourish our abilities to envision that which does not yet exist and pioneer new paths toward its becoming.

From the collective unconscious will spring visions of Pragmatopia that will spread like vines through the world, connecting us all to the universal heart of possibility.  The notion that war is the only way and aggression is too powerful a part of our nature to overcome will diffuse into the dust of the ancient past.

The last frontier isn’t outer space, it’s ALL the space between and it’s calling to us all from within and without to connect.

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