Freedom sounds like a simple enough term, like one of many simple words that are easily explained by their opposites:  light/dark, up/down, freedom/slavery–and in a truly free society I think that would be the case.

Since we do not live anywhere near that ideal, freedom is tossed around as liberally and nonsensically as other emotionally-triggered words like love, hate, or terrorism, successfully muddying a concept that would have easily been grasped by our earliest civilized ancestors.

I’m reminded of Bush’s oft-quoted neo-con mantra on why the world and the terrorists pick on poor us:  “They hate our freedoms!” But, just as one wouldn’t go to a dentist for hip surgery, so should one choose to learn about freedom from a libertarian, not a statist.

While defines seven areas of the common view of freedom, I would argue for simplicity-sake we could narrow that down to the most crucial four.  In order to demonstrate that we do not live in a free society, I will post a link after each description of an example today in direct violation of freedom.  I could post new links each and every day, I’m specifically choosing what’s recently come across my newsfeeds, just like every other day.

Freedom from Constraints:

Lack of obstacles and restrictions from other people. Freedom from constraints (negative freedom) in a society is larger the fewer restrictions average individuals encounter: the less they need to ask for permission from others for doing what they want and the fewer sanctions they face.

Here’s yet another story of a citizen not allowed to video police officers during a raid.  Notice the officers’ hostility to innocent bystanders, their glaring abuse of power and intimidation and the arbitrary punishments for made-up crimes.

Freedom under Law:

The opposite of being subjected to arbitrary demands or obligations. It is higher when everybody is subjected to the same rules. Laws are less arbitrary when people’s duties and obligations follow from a predefined set of publicly known rules that have not been tailored for specific discriminatory purposes.

Unless you understand the New World Order agenda, the laws being passed since 9/11 may seem arbitrary, but once you do take the proverbial red pill, their perfect alignment is undeniable.  We say we’re making the world safe for democracy, because that was an effective slogan back in the day.  Now as we regularly oust democratically-elected governments, simply “our interests” are enough to bully the globe into compliance.  One set of rules for the commoners, created by and for the oligarchs.

“This revolution - the overthrow of the global oligarchy - is the only revolution that matters.” Dr. Kevin Barrett

Political Freedom:

Political freedom (or democracy) is the amount of control people have over determining the content of the rules that are enforced in their society. It’s the opposite of authoritarian rule when a small number of people determine the rules that everybody else has to obey or of being ruled by a foreign power.

Here’s the story of a Florida woman being dragged through the courts and facing eviction because she does not want to use public utilities.

Is it democracy to be forced to pay for services and products we don’t want or use?  Who is deciding what’s best for the common good?

Psychological Autonomy

Autonomy (or psychological freedom) is the opposite of being manipulated. A different way of putting it is by saying that an autonomous person is one who is willing and is allowed to act in a rational and authentic manner, rather than subjecting to what other people want or conforming to predefined social standards about what one must be. Understood from a social perspective, this refers to the autonomy of an average individual.

We need look no further than the mainstream media, an admitted mouthpiece of the government, as it fulfills on the Globalist neo-con agenda.

The agenda in a nutshell?  Control the Food + Control the Energy + Control the World Currency = Control the People

As today’s example we can take “farms” of which 1/3 of subsidies go to the largest 4% of farms, that is, Pilgrim’s Pride, Tyler Farms and Riceland Foods.   Add to that the interests and subsidies of the chemical corporations, and we no longer can even agree on what “farm” and “food” mean!

Why do you think Obama has not kept his 2007 promise to label GMOs?  Still to this day not even intense public pressure from all sides of the political spectrum has been able to sway the increasing influence of Monsanto and kin.

“Double speak by the media is distorting the very identity of “farmer” for the average American. In fact, most of our food production - the food chain we’ve become so dependent on and can’t do without - is controlled by only a half dozen “chemical corporations.”"  Ken Kailing

In fact, Big-Ag-Pharma-Chem is gearing up for the long fight.

“Comprising the biggest food, chemical, and biotechnology lobbying groups, the new coalition has three goals to underscore support for genetic engineering and the GMO crops and products containing them:

  • Prevent states from passing commonsense legislation mandating information about genetically engineered GMO food products.
  • Persuade the Food and Drug Administration to allow GMO ingredients to be marketed as “natural” (which they already do).
  • Confuse consumers by continuing to promote a failed “voluntary” GMO labeling program rather than a mandatory one.”

Where do you place on the freedom graph?

Where do you place on the freedom graph?

Transformation begins with language, call a spade a spade, and stop calling Americans free!