There seems to be a lack of clarity and creativity in Washington on how to keep our children safe.  I hear the same tired routine of the causes of our public suffering on account of our innocent children: we need stricter gun laws, more mental health care, more security in schools, crackdowns on video game violence.

It’s very interesting that all these avenues of safety share one thing in common:  They will increase power and money to our government.

Here are a few more solutions I’d like to add to the pot, which would actually save taxpayers money.

1.      Stop killing children in US drone strikes around the world.  It sets a bad example.

2.      Start compiling Federal data on missing children.

“The problem is that nobody really knows for sure, since the FBI - America’s compiler of crime statistics - doesn’t bother to keep track. As Ted Gunderson, former FBI station chief for Los Angeles, has stated: “The FBI has an accurate count on the number of automobiles stolen every year. It knows the number of homicides, rapes and robberies, but the FBI has no idea of the number of children that disappear every year. They simply do not ask for the statistics.

3.     Crack down on child pornography rings and the pedophiles using and running them.

“Author and e-zine editor Robert Sterling has written of what he refers to as “a pattern of trivialization of child molestation evidence” that seems to characterize high-profile media stories. He points out, for instance, that in the highly publicized Woody Allen and Mia Farrow child custody case, all the attention was focused on Allen’s illicit romance with Soon-yi Previn.”

4.     Take accusations of child abuse seriously.

“Also noted is the kid-gloves treatment afforded Michael Jackson when he was charged with molestation: “even though the accusations against him are widely believed to be true, [they] are merely passed off with a laugh among other smirking monologue jokes on Jay Leno.” And of course, though unmentioned by Sterling, sister LaToya was ridiculed by the media when she came forward with stories about the sexual abuse suffered by the Jackson kids at the hands of their father.”

5.  Stop the “Conspiracy of Silence”.

“Just days before its scheduled airing, the film was pulled without explanation and all copies were ordered destroyed. At least one production copy of the video survived the purge, however, and has been known to circulate among those derisively labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists.’ For everyone else, the conspiracy of silence continues.”

“Also closely associated with child pornography is the issue of child prostitution, which - make no mistake about it - is a booming business. A&E’s “Investigative Reports” has noted that law enforcement figures indicate that there are currently some 600,000 child prostitutes working in the United States and Canada and that $5 billion a year is generated worldwide by pimp organizations specializing in the exploitation of children.

A&E also reported that, throughout North America, there is a “growing use of children in the sex trade,” and that young boys make up 51% of that trade. The FBI has, of course, turned a blind eye; for the last quarter-century, “federal prosecutions of major pimp operations have been virtually nonexistent.” As Dr. Lois Lee has noted: “It’s not a high priority with the FBI to go after kids that are being transported across state lines. It’s really a disgrace.”

6.  Stop covering-up stories of high-ranking men who are sexual abusers of boys and girls alike.

“In Washington, Spence was known to take his show on the road, giving some of his boys regular late-night tours of the White House. These tours were reportedly arranged by Donald Gregg, the national security adviser to then-Vice President George Bush. Though Gregg adamantly denied the accusation, there were undeniable connections between the two men, including the fact that Spence had once sponsored a dinner for Gregg.

The story quickly dropped off the media radar screen, and Washington and the press proceeded to pretend as though it had never been aired at all. According to a Washington Times reporter, the paper trail was quickly covered-up - some 20,000 documents pertaining to the case were sealed by court order. By the time Spence turned up dead in a Boston hotel room less than five months after the story first broke, he was all but forgotten.

The UK’s Independent reported that: “Boston police said he was found lying on his bed at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, dressed in evening clothes, with no obvious signs of injury. The police refused to comment on the cause of death.” The Post had earlier reported that Spence had told a friend: “I may be disappearing soon. It will be sudden. It may appear to be a suicide, but it won’t be.”

7.     Use alternative treatments for youth angst rather than pharmaceuticals which are proven to cause violent tendencies.  Yoga, meditation, tai chi and other non-violent mind-body practices have been proven to alter brain chemistry for the better.

I’ll keep adding more ideas, Mr. President, maybe you can try a few new ones too.