As I mentioned a couple posts ago about my L.O.V.E dream message and my subsequent commitment to creating a New Age Anti-Terror Agenda, I’m excited this weekend it begins in earnest with an event hosted by the guru of love herself, Marianne Williamson.  And I don’t even have to break my Boycott of the criminal TSA to do it!

A prolific speaker, activist and author of A Return to Love, Enchanted Love, Healing the Soul of America, among others, Marianne has also founded The Peace Alliance, “a grass roots campaign supporting legislation currently before Congress to establish a United States Department of Peace.”

I can’t imagine a better teacher to usher me into the galaxy of potential that John Lennon helped us imagine nearly half a century ago!

I’ve already done the research, going on a decade of it now, that has forced the reality on me that something must be done.  With the help of two other teachers, Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas, and an entire community of women in Feminine Power, I’m now certain the Dalai Lama was talking about ME when he so famously said:  “The World will be saved by the Western Woman.”

Of course he was talking about me!  Along with every other woman in the brigade of fairy godmothers whose presence I will enjoy this weekend virtually at the Sister Giant event “New Consciousness-New Politics.”

My world lights up when I hear the truth in Marianne’s message:  “What we don’t engage we can’t transform.” The spiritual and political spheres belong together–not as in the unholy marriage of church and state–in the very holistic truth that these are the two most powerful forces shaping our culture and therefore our world.  And they have both been corrupted, soon to be absolutely.

This is why a new age of feminine leadership is essential if we are to survive!

Peace and sovereignty. The New World Order is managing to convince the mainstream that these two things can’t go together.  “Collectivism” is their very green buzzword.  It’s meant to make it appear that individualism is evil and nationalism just another version of tribalism.  It’s meant to make it appear that Leadership is naturally  achieved by force, fear, control, coercion and  manipulation.

To the collectivist, and unfortunately many of them are misguided women, I have the only one necessary question to consider:  Who is Leading US in this New World Order?

America, you think?  The United States?

In less than a decade there will be no United States, per se.  We will by then have merged with Canada and South America.  We are being collectivized, They admit it openly now.  We will be One World and They will be running it all openly.  Think we have election problems now?  Imagine when we are all ONE under the supreme Dictatorship.

Oh, you thought the One World would be a Democracy?  Yeah, so did I, once.

Once upon a time I bought into the propaganda too-NAFTA, EURO, UN, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, all of them, I really thought They had Democracy and our best interest on their agenda.

And then I connected the dots.

If that’s true, then why have they amended the constitution and continue to amend it, in our country and those few others who aren’t already Dictatorships, in order to reflect the collectivist values many of y’all are still voting for?  I know that’s only because you’re still inside their Grand Delusion.

This is where the spiritual component becomes essential.  Because you will never see IT if you are too afraid to see IT, and most people without any god will be too afraid.  In collectivist societies God is the State and supremacy lies with IT.  IT then grants you, if IT chooses, the rights of citizenship.  There is no such thing as habeous corpus, no such thing as free press, no inalienable rights, no private ownership of anything, all belongs to the State.  YOU belong to the State.

I too was once very naïve.  It took me many years and many direct experiences to lift the veil.   Its taken the help of community and a new spiritual commitment to discard it and hold the power to voice what I know.

Here’s more of what I know.  The style of the man as lone wolf rising to the top to join his elite ranks is toppling first.  We’ve seen too often what happens with these power thieves as they get ever more paranoid and insulated the more power they hold.  Yes, power will be held collectively, but that is not Collectivism!

The style of women in leadership is what’s replacing this Old World Order.  It’s happening much more organically, from the bottom-up, from the inside-out.  It’s essential collective nature is easy to explain, because it’s just how we prefer to use the facilities in public establishments, when possible–always in pairs and groups!  This is reflected in all the best leadership I see around me today–these women are partnered and teamed to the hilt.  And when we all come, we come with the whole kit and caboodle.  Our buzz word is Transparency.  Imagine!

Our true natures as women, when we’re in our truth, is to empower others.  We have eons of direct development in this department–from our children to our families to our communities–all those “women’s” issues.  When we hold power like this, as a woman would choose in a woman’s world, we tend to dish it out liberally.  This is happening right now, and has been happening by the droplet for a very long time.  Now we are positioned to rebalance the scales and the Dalai Lama sees that very clearly.  So does the NWO, and they’re cracking down!

The question is, will we have the numbers to reach the tipping point before it’s too late?  And also, what does too late look like?

The end of the world as we know it?  Universal Dictatorship?  What happens in the meantime, continued and escalating Chaos?

Lots of people avoid chaos through control, or at least the illusion of it.  This is how the New World Order pretends to “save us” –to bring order from chaos, they say–at our weakest moment, when we’re begging for it or very distracted,  the way they forced the Patriot Act on us, and NDAA, DHS, Citizens United.  Don’t take my word for it, read all about Disaster Capitalism.

Control comes in many forms.  But it will never come sustainably from the top-down.  Nor does it come from controlling our own emotions and behavior, as the male paradigm of leadership would have us believe in their “do as I say, not as I do” style of leadership.  Feminine Leadership comes from constant realignment based on the signals our emotions and environment play in our behavior and in others’, in our state of Being, individually and collectively.  It’s highly intuitive, requires deep sensitivity and awareness that  can be achieved through a spiritual practice and connection, because in this space we are the receptive perpetual beginner.  It’s based in Flow, not Control.  It’s completely antithetical to our current political system.

Collectivism is about control.  Too many well-intentioned green thinkers equate it with Freedom and Democracy-as if in a collective world everyone will have an equal say.  They believe that if they can only regulate industry enough, or create the right laws, or the right educational system or the right economy then everyone can be free and flourishing.  Most of them truly mean well.  But . . .

This is the Collectivist Fallacy!  There is no erasing the fact that we are a world of different cultures with a world of different ideals and religions and ways of life and thinking and that this is actually valuable and necessary in natural systems.  No amount of top-down, one-size-fits-all global re-education is going to “fix that”.

Collectivism is not about diversity, this is where They are deliberating misleading us!

This is where the feminine style of leadership cannot be led astray.  A woman does not lead from her heart, nor should she.  She leads from her soul, where resides the universal heart.  That’s the only place any authentic leader could ever get any traction, in a balanced and just world.  So it’s taken us a bit longer, because we’ve had to navigate our way to leadership in a terribly unjust one.

So, as before any conference or important event I will set my intentions for Sister Giant:  I’m going to grab as many women as I possibly can and run to that toilet we call a government, and together we will create a wave of synchronistic flushes powerful enough to cause an unprecedented monumental and global flood.

And I’m going to do some serious cyber-networking.  Because when they create this long over-due US Department of Peace, I’m going to make sure they’ll sign on to my by-then-brilliantly-crafted NAATA!

If you still don’t believe in the Global Terror Agenda of the New World Order, force yourself to watch this comprehensive, but very disturbing documentary, to the very end.

After you’ve gone through the various stages of denial, apathy, rage, disempowerment ,  and please, make them as quick as possible, then, give Peace a chance.  Or, maybe L.O.V.E.

Let’s join in the true spirit of collectivity, where we are all honored first and foremost as sovereign individuals uniquely guided to achieve harmony by our very life force.  Let’s get the 1% out of the way of our evolutionary path!

Our neighbors in Argentina also struggling against the New World Order agenda.  May you triumph where we have failed, and then show US how please!

Our neighbors in Argentina also struggling against the New World Order agenda. May you triumph where we have failed, and then show US how to fix our Fallacy, please!