I’ve had a deliciously restful and rejuvenating holiday of gratitude where I saw no one and spoke to only 3 people during 5 days.  A friend of a friend in Miami was dealing with loneliness, I learned.  I had to search back in the recesses of emotion to recall that one fully in order to demonstrate the appropriate state of empathy for her case.

I remember how that was painful, in the beginning, sometimes dreadfully so.  But I hardly notice it now.  I didn’t realize then loneliness is like an injury, just of the psyche, so you naturally develop work-arounds with time.  When you do it right and long enough these work-arounds become more than just distractions from the pain and much more than mere crutches–they become the new way of being–the new normal.  The body/mind adjusts, it compensates, like the other senses that develop if one is blind or deaf.  It’s really not a bad thing once you can get to that point.  Just hang on, dear Melissa, it eventually opens a window to a captivating new world and you will soar again as before–we all know it!

You remind me too that one’s thanks must be written down and meditated on, not just on an ill-construed holiday, but continually.  And you got me started on my Gratitude List with the first one:  I’m thankful I’ve at last learned to do loneliness fairly well.

Here are some more.

I’m thankful we are not at war in my region yet.

“In the new global landscape, as in Israel’s occupied territories and the United States’ own imperial projects in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, massacres of thousands of defenseless innocents are labeled wars. Resistance is called a provocation, terrorism or a crime against humanity.”


I’m thankful I have the time and strength to see the truth and the resources to take action.

“Market forces and the military mechanisms that protect these forces are the sole ideology that governs industrial states and humans’ relationship to the natural world.

This is a world where only corporate power and profit are sacred. It is a world of barbarism.”


I’m thankful that we are becoming more self-sufficient, and that others are too.

“Self-sufficiency promotes the optimism necessary for restoring prosperity.”  Ron Paul


I’m thankful we are not in the direct line of the Tar Sands Pipeline, and that I’m directly supporting our East Texas neighbors who are.

“The nonviolent blockaders have been met with pain compliance tactics, felony charges, a SLAPP suit which uses the language of “eco-terrorism” and what amounts to a police state surrounding their tree village in Winnsboro, Texas.”


I’m thankful we have a home and “private” property, for as long as that lasts.



I’m thankful that I still have my health, even though I don’t have health freedom.

Raw milk?  Alternative cancer therapies?  Midwifery?  Naturopathy?  Legalized marijuana?  GMO labeling?  “Oh Heee-llll NO!” says the NWO!


Most of all, I’m thankful for my Vagina.

Recent research points to what many women already know:  “Regions of the female brain that have to do with self-awareness, inhibition, and self-regulation go quiet for women briefly during orgasm.” Naomi Wolf

It mimics a meditative state.  “Producing the stimulation necessary for these mind-states is part of the evolutionary task of the vagina . . .Typically, in this mind-state, one feels, among other things, that all is well with oneself and with the universe, and the vexations and limitations of the ego fall away.  Artists have produced some of humanity’s greatest works of music, painting, and poetry following such experiences.”

So by the very evolutionary function of my gender/sex I’m hard-wired to experience bliss states, transcendental experiences, the greater self-or non-self, and the divine connection of ALL.  That’s some pretty intelligent designing!  And surely enough to be thankful for in itself.

Subject or/and die, we know what's best for you!

Only WE know what's best for YOU!

"As a matter of psychological fact, mystical states of a well-pronounced and emphatic sort are usually authoritative over those who have them." William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience

"As a matter of psychological fact, mystical states of a well-pronounced and emphatic sort are usually authoritative over those who have them." William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience