I’m still recovering from my reality overdose.  During my 26 day exploration into Global Fascist Future I saw so much more than I ever expected and so very much more than I ever would’ve cared to witness.  There’s no turning back now, I will never be able to ignore or pretend again that I don’t know what I now know.

It didn’t all start with the TSA complaint.  I’ve come to realize this has been a much longer journey, going back to some of my first conscious thoughts as a child.  Sometimes I think I was born with the knowing that something very huge in the world was needlessly off.  I allowed myself to be a victim of this knowing in a dozen ways, through various stages of life and levels of maturation.

This is some kind of serious midlife awakening and unlike a typical crisis– luxuries and lovers aren’t on the fix-it menu.

I will not be treated like a criminal unless I am one!  It sounds basic enough and realistic enough in a sane world.  And the underlying motivation for this truth is even more simple and is also the foundation of my midlife crisis/awakening–Collectivism over Sovereignty will corrode, corrupt and collapse both the society and the individual.

It’s not easy to face the fact that the trajectory of the culture is at complete odds with one’s own value system, and then neither fight nor flee that excessively depressing truth.

The crafters and followers of the New World Order believe themselves to be just.  How polar opposite could two truths be, ours and theirs?  The Collectivists of every style and color have a world view based on control, manipulation and exploitation and they believe me and my kind to be naïve at best, terrorist at worst, for refusing to play at their delusions.

Don’t believe in the New World Order?

This was the tipping point of my midlife awakening.  That’s no longer a gray area for me, the veil has been lifted for good.  Just in time to see it’s too late to turn this Titanic around, though how I had been hoping.  Once the curtain was drawn to reveal the false wizard behind and his blind determination  I became a life-long conscientious objector of His Role.

I’m not a naysayer, I’m typically excessively optimistic.  That’s why I cannot spend another moment trying to convince people that Collectivism is a BAD idea.  They’re about to sell you a shiny rotten apple and you’re going to buy it.   But don’t worry, you’re not the first.  And in hindsight you’ll see that you never really had a choice in the matter, anyway.

So now that I’ve accepted that we will not have the numbers needed to make any necessary shift before numerous major crises the next question is how to re-organize my life inside this new reality without collapsing, isolating, or disengaging, now that denial is no longer an option.  I’m not an “auto-pilot” type of person, if I’m not engaged in the process then I’m engaged in the dream.

My new quest is to create an Oasis of Liberty right here, despite the New World Order.  I have no idea what that looks like or how it will be achieved, but at least it gives me constant direction and momentum on my destiny path.  At least I am sure that’s a good first glimpse into what it looks like to live real inside lies.

WHOLESOMENESS is my new motto–one’s got to be very healthy in mind, body, spirit to counterbalance the coming forces of mass dis-illusion.  The only way I know we can empower ourselves, brace ourselves, build our resilience is to first gain local control of our food, water and energy.  It’s a goal handy hubby and I began over 3 years ago now, but back then I had no idea why or how urgent.

The reality that lies behind the lies doesn’t change–family, community, evolution–these are still the real facts of life.  It’s by keeping my eye on the facts that I can find the strength each day to stay true to my God, Sovereignty.  She holds the only necessary Truth for the future of the human race–that we needn’t bow to the Holy Father– be he God, President or CEO–for our rights.  Our inalienable rights are the foundational gifts of every human life.

Now matter how far from our home in truth they try to herd us, we must remember, it’s been there all along–we’ve just to click our heels to wake from the illusion.  And then if necessary, be willing to cock our guns–figuratively and literally.

A few other gifts This Life:

Handy Hubby:  the ideal life partner for me !

Handy Hubby: the ideal life partner for me !

the sweetest pups in the world--This is Tori, but we call her PeeWee.  She's 100 lbs and 7 months and such a LOVEY!

Wh have the sweetest pups in the world--This is Tori, short for Torus, but we call her PeeWee. She's 100 lbs at 7 months and such a LOVEY-DOVEY!

Our first born, Papi--and our suplus!

Our first born, Papi, so stoic--and our blessed bounty!

The luxury of time to create.  I call this one Aging Casanova meets Young Rockette

The luxury of time and safety to create, grow and share. I call this one "Aging Casanova meets Young Rockette"