The initial aim of the Occupy movement and the Tea Party movement was the same, which of course is still massively obfuscated by the agenda-driven mainstream media.

They don’t want to make things sound as simple as they really are, because Divide and Conquer is their main mass manipulation strategy.

The so-called ‘fringe’ Left and Right are completely united in our bottom line:  We are against Corporate Welfare and War.  But the media spins it as mass confusion or deadlock among weirdos splitting hairs on such nonsense as religion, patriotism and the debt ceiling.

We are also aligned in the growing necessity of self-reliance.  Those of us who are actively engaged in deconstructing the Matrix see absolutely no difference between the Left and Right–we are immune to Divide and Conquer.  Our mission is to topple the Oligarchs, to scrape the scum off the top, so to speak.

Our common ground is Truth and Transparency, and no one I’ve heard of since facing the truth of the Old/New World Order has turned away from that goal, in fact, I only see the momentum gaining speed and potency through the raging channels of cyberspace.

The Truth is our Ark and we have set sail from the crumbling pyramids at last, and we are calling to those of like heart, mind and will to join us.  Now is time.

We’ve got to stop asking what it will look like, how and when it will happen, and start acting–first on our skill sets and then toward the life we want when the chains of control are finally broken.

  • Practical Survival Skills bring lots of confidence and peace of mind.  Tragedy and Hope website and Youtube channel has amazing information on our real history in the Anglo-American establishment, as well as solutions and simple survival techniques.
  • Preparation can be as simple as a 3-month supply of food, water and medicines for your family.  To take it to the next level, some learning becomes necessary:  buy and learn to use a gun, consider a bug-out location if you live in the city, start a garden.  Or, let the experts show you at the next Self-Reliance Expo.
  • Focusing on what could be, as well as the obstacles in the way, exercises both the imagination and the intellect.  It is not all doom and gloom, there’s also the passion inherent in all new possibilities.  If you got the chance to start over, tomorrow, what would you do with your future? Don’t be embarrassed if you need help with this, most of were not raised to live our dreams, but rather to deal with our realities, there’s a big difference.  You might need a coach.  Or an inspiring community.

We will stay connected and vigilant and we look forward to your participation!

The Corbett Report:  Against Fascism:  The Separation of Business and State

Facebook communities around Self-Reliance, Homesteading, Homeschooling and Unschooling, Alternative Media, Prepping and Survival are becoming ubiquitous!  There's just no way any amount of force can get that genie back in the bottle!

Social media communities around Self-Reliance, Homesteading, Homeschooling/Unschooling, Alternative Media, Prepping and Survival are becoming ubiquitous. There's just no way any amount of force will get this genie back in the bottle!