It’s been proven that the only folks to hate spring have serious allergies.  Thank goodness mine are mild.

I love traveling too.  I spent a week in Vegas at Kevin Hogan’s Influence Bootcamp, learning a lot but not having much fun, except that the learning part was a lot like fun.  I don’t gamble, not at all, so most of the Vegas hoopla is lost on me.  When I was not learning I was mostly staring out my window at the mountains, wondering about life and love and people, same as I do here.  I still got up with the rooster.  Apparently, to do more staring.   The people there were unexpectedly awesome, but that’s not enough to drag me from a few hours of quiet and solitude over more socializing.  Typically.

What I almost missed were the dogwoods blossoming!  Quel scandal!  Which got me thinking of a great question:

Do you prefer city travel or nature travel?

Nature travel?

Nature travel?

Or city travel?

Or city travel?

I’m going to share with you three secrets I learned in Kevin Hogan’s Influence Boot Camp in Las Vegas last week!
I hope I don’t get caught!

Secret #1: Use the word “secret”

Secret #2: Use video. (see photo link below!)

**Good writing is about as useful as good toilet paper in this new age–it’s great if you’ve got it, but soooo not necessary.**

Secret #3:  Ask questions, people feel by nature compelled to reply to them.  Do you feel compelled now to reply to mine?

Bonus Secret #4:  Use bonuses.  That is, in order to drive traffic to your website, where it is expected that you have something to sell or promote.  Oops.  Looks like I’ll be hitting boot camp again next year.  If you want more secrets I guess I’ll see ya there!

To see the videos click on the photos below to be redirected to my YouTube channel–you guessed it–another secret!

He doesn't seem able to keep them all in line--there is a bully among the flock!

He doesn't seem able to keep them all in line--there is a bully among them!