With the outcry concerning the safety of GMOs and their subsequent banning in many places around the world I have come to the conclusion once again that the FDA is FOS.

What do they do exactly?  Who are they here to support?  Some surprising contradictions in their decisions may shine some light on these questions.

When it comes to the most widespread drug used in this country, the highly toxic substance alcohol, the Food and Drug Administration shuffles those duties off to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as if somehow these very different markets have some dizzying collateral effect on personal health.

The FDA admits that cannabis cures certain cancers and yet it remains illegal in most States and essential studies are routinely ignored by the mainstream media.


Sassafras, another plant used by our ancestors around the world is also banned from being contained in foods, soaps and perfumes, though rootbeer and sassafras tea had long been popular beverages.  Based on studies where rats were overdosed on the substance for two years in the 70s this substance is apparently too toxic even for use in modern pesticides.

The United Nations Drug control has hopped on board the banning bandwagon in its efforts to stop the Ecstasy trade, burning Sassafras forests as if somehow this will be an effective way to stop Mother Nature from producing such harmful (and useful) substances and keep man from cultivating them.


And that brings us to GMOs.  They fall squarely under the FDA’s jurisdiction and according to them they are completely safe, though studies in nations around the world proven otherwise.  Extensive efforts just to have them labeled in US have gone unheeded.  Though this was one of Obama’s campaign promises, he has actually done just the opposite with the aptly coined “Monsanto Protection Act”.




Considering the FDA’s very cozy relationship with Monsanto it seems pretty obvious what they are really here for and it has nothing to do with protecting you and I from toxic substances.



I wonder what would happen if farmers here followed Hungary’s example?

More Obama BS

More Obama BS