The Art and Craft of Self-Reliance is very simple, but still I’m going to squeeze an unknown number of posts out of it, starting now.

I believe the path to peace starts with the self.  This goes beyond self-knowledge, it’s about accountability.  Each one of us must work to stop being either a weight on the system, or a supporter of the system.  We must withdraw our energy from the machine, we must exit the matrix for real, not just theoretically.

Who controls your food, your water, your energy?

This is not about the apocalypse, this is about the future.  The future you cannot see, the one only your children and your grandchildren’s children will see.  Does Monsanto control their food, Nestlé their water, Global Energy Corp their heat?

Are they trained like robots to obey the Common Core Curriculum designed by an elite unknown consortium in the UK?

Have they by then fully accepted the role of the U.S. as the fighting dogs for the future Global Government Council?

Do you think they will they thank you for these poisoned privileges?

Or, will they have realized, as is already occurring, that they were sold down the river in a kind of social Ponzi scheme, for reasons like efficiency, comfort, toys and luxuries?

Will they have seen, as is also already occurring, that we’ve been cloaking our addictions and excesses in pretty words like democracy, equality, tolerance, peace, while in their own homes, schools and communities they directly experience the exact opposite?

Who do we think we’re still fooling?  Sorry Boomers, you need to wake up now, they’re on to it and they’re blaming y’all.  The youth are rising up again, but this time, they have back-up.  They have far more power than any generation before and they have less to lose.

What’s more, they don’t believe in the hierarchy anymore–they were, since my own generation–raised by their peers, not their parents.  Why would they believe in the State when they don’t believe in the father?

Here’s how it’s going to go down, and I’m not predicting anything, just hypothetically following the current trends to their most natural conclusion.

  • The next generation is not going to send their children to the government child indoctrination camps called school.  The Homeschooling movement is expanding exponentially and thanks to the Internet it will not slow.
  • They will stop watching the mainstream propaganda machine called the nightly news, except when they need a good laugh, or to teach their children about mass manipulation tactics.
  • They will stop consuming food that is not actually food and stop feeding it to their children.
  • They will stop paying taxes, because they’ve realized taxes are nothing more than legalized theft to pay for war and population control, not to provide so-called services.
  • They will stop following the law, because they will understand that “the law is just an opinion with a gun,” Stefan Molyneux.

    I feel so happy for them!  They will experience what mankind has been searching in vain for since forever:  Utopia–actually freedom–no masters and no slaves, for the first time in written history.

    Let me praise y’ all in advance, since I won’t be around that long.

    Nice work, kids!

    Here's a badge of sorts, wear it proudly!  The faster y'all get deprogrammed the quicker the current system will fall. Hallelujah!

    Here's a badge of sorts, wear it proudly! The faster y'all get deprogrammed the quicker the current system will fall. Hallelujah!