Day 18 of my Boycott of TSA and the Airlines

It’s Monday so I’m back in the complaints.  My friend in Scotland and I chatted and she described the last evening spent at the Fringe Festival at a fabulous cabaret, with fabulous company, but still thinking of me, she said.

Which got me thinking about my reason for not being there.

I must take a stand somehow and I don’t know how else to do it.  I HAD to put something meaningful at stake or I wouldn’t be committed and no one else would believe I was committed either.  I love travel as much as anyone I know, and now my options are looking seriously limited.  I think back to our ancestors who traveled by boat, train or caravan.  Is that what my future holds?!

I’m looking for solutions but I can’t see the problem through all the complaints.  There are many and the problem is enormous.  It’s not about the airlines as much as the TSA,

“Profiling makes us less safe.” says Bruce Schneier a security technologist and author of several books on computer security, including “Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World.”

And it’s not about the TSA as much as it is about the Department of Homeland Security.

And not as much about DHS as about all that led us to the unfathomable Patriot Act.

“What is more frightening about it is that, despite the fact that the USA Patriot Act was passed hastily without any debate or hearings and under a cloak of fear, its provisions were obviously very carefully thought out and crafted to take power out of the hands of courts and ensure absolute lack of oversight of law enforcement and intelligence gathering.”

How on earth has it come to this?  It seems not even repealing the Patriot Act will solve this problem.

So I’m back to questions I can at least hope to get my mind around.

Why is the airport THE place of intense scrutiny?  What about all the other places that would seem appealing to a terrorist?  Huge gatherings, festivals, subways, office buildings.  Why so much money time and attention in securing the planes themselves, because an airport has no security at all until you pass the checkpoint.

So, is it about the people, or the planes?

It’s about power and money, not safety.

Control the food:

Control the water:

Control the animal:

I can only keep going back to those soul-utions, because there’s nowhere else to get any traction.

Follow this blog for the next 8 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

If you think there might be something rotting in OUR House that needs our attention, simply in the comments section write:

Not in my House!