There are few things politically on which Marianne Williamson and I see eye to eye, but still I love that she’s running for Congress, and I hope she wins.  I may even fork over some financial or in-kind contribution in support of her quest, as if she needed it.

I believe this to be an historical moment not to be underestimated.  If what the New Agers have been selling is actually true, Washington will be turned around in no time through the efforts of visualization and mass group prayer, and this possibility is truly exhilarating.

How long might such a miracle take?  I’m thinking two years, tops.  Marianne has a HUGE and very dedicated audience.  Anyone who reads her books surely will agree with my own experience:  You can’t stop at just one.
With ten books, four of which NYTimes #1 bestsellers, some will still undoubtedly attempt to call her a ‘lightweight thinker,’ and they would be very wrong.  Not only is she highly intelligent, she’s an excellent speaker and a powerful presence; she’s certainly one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met.
To me, drone use is a moral issue.”

From the article:  “Almost as an afterthought, as if mindful of her new profession, she added, “And also, I think strategically it’s just absurd.”

Morality meets strategy!  Love conquers Washington!  Sounds like a potential New Age thriller!

Beautiful, well-intentioned spiritual guru invades the Capitol with an army of Love and Peaceniks in tow. Will they be able to tame the evil dragons of corruption, greed and fear with their 3rd eye light sabers?  Tune in next time, when Marianne meets face-to-face with Global President Rockefilde and starts discussing proper morality in conducting foreign invasions and stealing world resources.

That will be one small step for woman, one giant leap for the Globalist New World Order Agenda!

Abby Martin Brainwash Update: Opium Greed What might Marianne do about the troops still in Afghanistan protecting the Opium?
Might she force the sea of liars to finally publicly admit the agenda ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been talking about for decades?

Or might she be part of the web of manipulation?!

The plot twists are endless and plausible, considering the very source of her rise to fame was based on the book A Course in Miracles, known to be written by a CIA agent.
“. . . written by two MK-ULTRA employees; William Thetford and Helen Schucman.[18] In the book the reader is asked to believe that Helen Schucman, a Jewish scientist hired by the CIA to study how to control the mind, was chosen by Jesus Christ to channel his current ideas to humanity.”

It’s just all too much juicy fun!

Egalitarianism, they like to call it, sounds prettier that way.

Egalitarianism, they like to call it, sounds prettier that way.