I don’t try poetry much, but when I do it feels exhilarating.  Does that make me a geek?  In any case and always, Dare to share!

Our Dogwood Trail

Beneath a canopy of jade

I walk the path

Guided by instinct

I quack with the ducks

I watch the fawns

They watch me watching

The eagles come with their demands of flesh

I wave them away and bang my drums

Like a woodpecker I tap out my territory

I howl through the night and crow through the day

I never dream that time will pass away

Beneath a canopy of emerald

I walk the path

Guided by intention

I am the salmon against the current

Destiny depends on me

The bear on shore hasn’t got a chance

I swerve to the side

The fool in the Fiat will be the one today

Not the threat of a viperous pit would stop me

Mastery morphs into flow

The muse comes and goes and comes again

But the story never ends

Beneath a canopy of amber

I walk the path

Guided by knowledge

I still burn the hours in quest with the ferocity of a lioness

I gracefully hold the jackals at bay

Having learned to surf the current like a butterfly

I feel the air shift as the breeze sweeps from the North

The pine needles crushed beneath my feet

A jay bolts down and startles me

He screeches and when I look back cross-eyed and yell “I do not understand!”

he only screeches again and flies away

Beneath a canopy of blue

I walk the path

Guided by faith

I confront the turkeys with hardly a squawk

My mere presence sends them scattering

I laugh as they squabble together

Circling then in their warrior’s dance I laugh again

If only they could see the sky like I

If only they could follow the forms of light that skip between the clouds

Like glitter spinning through space and time

Particles of fairies or ghosts or cosmic dust

Do they also watch me watching?

Beneath a canopy of white

I walk the path

Guided by wisdom

The turkeys have established their pecking order

The ducks shake under the fountain

The fawns graze absentmindedly right in front of me

But the dogs then bark and scare them away

I don’t mind though

We will live to see one more day

Before the light fades and the sky turns gray

The stars come out and call me near

The chirping of invisible life sonorously surrounds

The scent of eucalyptus drifts before the final sound

A glow pierces through the shadows and falls across my breast

And in a ray of infinite knowing

I lie down and beg the light enchant me

I pray the stars play for me the greatest mystery of all things

They merrily oblige

They sing a festive song as I pass along

No more mysteries for you now strident one

The ducks the fawns the turkeys are all gone

The wind whispers your last words in silence

To the gods our Dogwood trail moves on.