There’s a poignant German film I can’t get off my mind these days called Goodbye, Lenin (2003) about the days just prior to German reunification.  Two well-intentioned siblings choose to hide the truth about Communism’s failure to their die-hard Statist mother who is on her death-bed.  The main recurring theme, Simulated Reality, is a non-science-fiction, humane and more realistic off-shoot of the very popular American film, The Matrix (1999).

The rise of alternative media has spotlighted our own simulated reality right here at home.  Several very disturbing trends might still shock some folks, but for Truthers this is just one more nail in the coffin that was once called the Great American Experiment.

The recent tragedy in Boston can be used as a case in point.

Using crisis actors in mainstream news reports. The Boston Marathon Hero Carlos Arredondo, credited with saving a victim whose legs had supposedly been exploded away, is in fact an actor, as is the amputee he “saved.”  That entire “news scene” has now been discredited, frame by frame, by an actual trauma expert.

Complete media blackouts of coordinated drills and eye-witness accounts. As in the past, our government is routinely covering up drills and participation by Craft and other mercenaries, formerly known as Blackwater.  Photos of them wearing large black backpacks at one point while coordinating on cell phones look highly suspicious considering they are without those same packs as they are caught in another shot fleeing the scene.  These have been circulating online thanks to, but have been repeatedly erased by Facebook and Youtube.

Arbitrary shutdown of Truther websites. Dan Dicks posted damning evidence on his site showing the naked man arrested as a possible suspect was in fact the “terrorist” Tamerian, now deceased, as far as we know.   His independent site was subsequently taken down and at the time of this writing is still not available.

No Balance in Reporting. The mainstream press repeats the same footage of thrilled Bostonians being rescued from the lone crazed boy by our fantastic forces of liberation, but not those of families forcefully evacuated at gunpoint.  Questioning official versions of the story immediately label one as an insensitive right-wing extremist, at best, or a conspiracy nut-job at worst.

No question of whether martial law is an appropriate response for a lone terrorist in a major city is posed and the public is to conclude that door-to-door searches, confiscating cameras and treating citizens as potential criminals is par for the course.  Instead of present any evidence they instead speculate on the motives of the suspects, giving the public history lessons on the rebellious Chechnyan culture.  As a final blow to liberty the President unilaterally decides the boy is an enemy combatant and therefore he’s denied any of the rights his American citizenship might still grant him.

Welcome to your personal faux Matrix folks, your very own simulated reality, brought to you by the propaganda machine that is our Press and Emperor Obama of the New World Order.  All hail the chief, or face the coming consequences.

Corporations and government covering for each other, that's called Fascism folks.

Corporations and government covering for each other, that's called Fascism folks.