Many months of intense research into the politics and practicalities of war, trauma, domination, exploitation have awakened in me an unprecedented urgency to evolve myself and in turn our world.  The question is no longer whether my efforts are ultimately possible or futile, or if the pain of facing reality will overwhelm me or others, or if there will ever be enough of us to actually make it happen.  There is no more room for such questions and their ambiguous or contradictory replies; there is only Truth.

The Truth is I can’t possibly live any other way:  I can no longer be a part of the problem.  My only hope of sane survival within the chaos is to absolutely, resolutely, loudly refuse to remain in Denial or Resignation.  I AM among those facing the problems and looking for solutions until my last breath, no matter what it takes or whomever I piss off, or what consequences result.  But I’ll admit, in this resolute stand I still have good days and bad days.

The good days are filled with connections to others on the same path– ideas and theories passed along among thousands or even hundreds of thousands of folks who are right now dedicating their lives to Conscious Evolution.  These are not just the New Agers, some of whom I’ve derogatorily called the Kumbaya Club for their pretentious  avoidance, through spiritual and residential isolation, the real work of changing the real world.  There are also some seriously skilled, highly intelligent and hard-working folks who feel as determined as I that no matter how contented we are personally, we still refuse to let the Takers destroy this world without a fight.

The bad days slap me down with a parallel Truth:  How very far there is to go, and how few globally are aware of where we are headed and what it’s going to take.  Folks are too busy, too scared, too tired, too sick, too clueless, too poor or too rich to realize, and I can’t change that.  The whole reason I chose this lifestyle way out here was in order to take this stand, and yet on those bad days I’m still screaming:  I want to be clueless too!  I want to be comfortable too!  But I know too much to turn back now.  Me and my damned merciless curiosity and commitment.

I have many cures for those bad days, and sometimes I actually make use of them:  gardening, meditation, cheap Texas vodka are all near the top of that list.  But luckily for me, especially in the isolating reality in which I reside, there is the blessed Internet.  At least for now it’s still “ ours” and I can watch and learn and be reminded again that I am not alone at all, They are out there, They are influencing, They need my help, and yours.

Of the most inspiring I’ve watched lately, here is a short list not to be missed.

Rob Hopkins: Transition Towns

Ruth Stouts:  Great Garden Goddess

Don Beck:  Spiral Dynamics

Andrew Harvey:  Serious Spiritual Agent of Change

Riane Eisler:  Building an Economy of Care

Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas:  Transformative Change through Feminine Power

And the pièce de résistance: The Thrive Movement and Documentary Film

Don’t waste another moment in taking your stand too, and in our good days and bad days we will still have each other!