I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Bob.  He’s my only real media-great hero at the moment.  This doesn’t come from anything objective whatsoever.  It’s a feeling.  I like him.  I trust him.  That’s Bob Schieffer I’m talking about.

When he speaks, I want to listen.  I will actually hush Handy Hubby, something I don’t like doing.  I do this for one reason I realize, and one reason only:  He seems kind.  In fact he seems kind to such a great degree that I’ve concluded he most certainly must be kind.

So you can imagine my discomfort when I disagree with him.  He wants a gun control conversation, that’s all.  Sweet Bob, that’s all he’s asking, just a conversation.  And I agree, I do, we must have this conversation.

But what Bob doesn’t see is that we cannot.  He sees it as Green must inform Orange and vice-versa, and he is so right, but he doesn’t understand that Red, Blue, Purple, Beige and Yellow are also very present in this conversation.  I don’t think Bob gets this.

So, as a vehicle to hopefully better understanding for all, and particularly deeper alignment between Bob and I, I’d like to present this challenging topic through the lens of Spiral Dynamics Integral.

Bob is presenting the very popular Green Solution. Highly honorable and moral.  “All together now!” Clearly no one wants children slaughtered, at least we can all agree on that.  So, we MUST have the gun control conversation and we MUST include the gun lobbyists at the table.  The lobbyist believe in the 2nd amendment and WE all believe they should be allowed to believe.  Peace on Earth!  We cannot dictate what they believe!  But we can show them how their beliefs are terribly unsuitable to evolution . . .And put lots of money and thought behind that, and change the world!

Now let’s head down the Spiral from there.

The very-scary Orange argument says:  Hey, hold on there, it would appear YOU are not understanding the strategy behind totally FREE markets.  Weapons and war are THE most profitable business in the world, by far.  Followed closely by all those enterprising efforts that go along with it, like human trafficking and prostitution and mafia crime rings.  That’s what keeps this world going ’round!  You are clueless Green Dude, if you don’t beat them up the ladder you’re gonna end up in the ditch.  Good luck there!  I’ll be moving along now.

And BLUE.  Oh, yes, we can regulate it all away.  First, we can have a war on oppression and escape to America where we then will create a war on drugs, and a war on illiteracy, and a war on poverty followed up nicely by a war on terror.  It’s a perfect 5,000 year plan!

RED! WTF!  Take away our guns!  You are crazy mo fos!  Here’s what you can take away. . .   You lookin’ for civil war there, mister?  Go ahead, Make My Day!  Legislate them guns all you won ‘.  You ain’t touchin miiine.  I go down like Waco ‘fore you touchin’ miiine, tax-man.

Purple! Peace! Please! Please! Find it! Pray, meditate, postulate, congregate, flagellate, whatever!  Tantric it all up and down so we don’t fixate, Sing to the Goddess, Harness the Power of the Glorious Mother, lift us, exalt us, take us into the Garden of Eden.

beige .  f**k it, or kill it? either way i could need a gun.

Inspired by Spiral Dynamics Integral, Dr Don Beck