Day 16 of my Boycott of TSA and the Airlines

Since we are one of very few countries using this backscatter scanner we’re assuming the terrorist-hijackers who are planning us harm are already in the US.  The Department of Homeland Security admits they can’t police every airport in the world.  How oddly sane of them.

As any social scientist could have predicted, the TSA’s “behavioral watch” program has become an excuse for agents to dabble in profiling. “The officers identified nearly two dozen co-workers who they said consistently focused on stopping minority members in response to pressure from managers to meet certain threshold numbers for referrals to the State Police, federal immigration officials or other agencies.

The stops were seen as a way of padding the program’s numbers and demonstrating to Washington policy makers that the behavior program was producing results, several officers said.”

So I nose dive into the complaint first thing on a Saturday morning.

It’s not what I want to be doing.  That turns my annoyance at “the system” into resentment–why do I have to waste my time and energy trying to fix things that should already work?  Why is it MY job?  Thanks to two years of intensive self-development work, I now finally recognize that as victimization.

So I need now a conscious change of consciousness.  If I’m not part of the solution I’m part of the problem.  Cynicism and denial are not strategies.  I need to get myself inside the 3D hologram of Solutions.  Find myself in there.  But to get there I’ve got to get outside my normal state of non-possibility.

How do you do it?  I don’t mean just how do you do it on any given day.   I mean how do you do it when you’re trying to devise solutions for a problem like the TSA?

Within one minute I’m back at the complaint.  I don’t know how to solve a problem like TSA!

Even when deep inside wholesomeness and aligned with spirit I have no clue what I could do to solve that problem.

Instead, what would it look like already solved?

No scanners, no pat downs, no limits on toiletries, service you looked forward to receiving, the joy of travel not being smeared by the experience of being treated like a terrorist suspect, and squeezed together like cows boxed in a freight train.

Instead, your experience of travel is breezing from your car or subway to the shuttle, directly onto the tarmac where waits your plane, where the smiling attendants take your bags and usher you into a spacious aisle and you greet the already seated co-passengers on your flight with the excitement of the journey already making you feel giddy.  You feel all the novelty of each flight as if it were your first.

You find your over-sized reclining chair and unpack a few necessary items-a book or magazine, your cell phone, maybe your laptop-and spread them neatly on the collapsible tables on each side of you.  An attendant brings you your beverage of choice, pre-selected before your flight.  The smell of appetizers comes wafting down the aisle and you recall with a grumble of your stomach that a delicious meal of fresh vegetables and organic free-range roasted chicken is soon coming your way.  And if you change your mind, you can always head upstairs for a snack in the bar.  You ponder this for a moment as a friendly business couple slide past you into their neighboring recliners and you all exchange gracious smiles.

For your evening’s entertainment you can choose from any channel under the sun, or flip your screen on fireplace and enjoy a travel story or research your destination in the online library.  Or you can join the revelers upstairs for some dancing and karaoke, made possible by state-of-the art sound-proofing.  Tucked in one corner are several massage tables with eager attending staff.  You can even smoke up there!    Amazing technology filters the smoke immediately from the air, which is fragranced by special equipment that change the scent depending on the music.  The flight itself becomes a special occasion and you’re actually looking forward to your return trip!

Now, where is that La Veuve Clicquot I ordered?

Mm, mm, mm.

TSA and the Airlines, can you partner up and accomplish that?  With a portion of that money you’re spending on watching a million “terrorists” I’ll bet we could overhaul the entire industry into something US citizens are actually proud of.

Follow this blog for the next 10 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

If you think there might be something rotting in OUR House that needs our attention, simply in the comments section write:

Not in my House!