In my basic research on food and agriculture for this blog I have come to realize we should change our Statue of Liberty’s motto for newly arriving immigrants, so they really understand what they have signed up for by coming to the U.S.

Instead of:  “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free . . .”, which we obviously haven’t wanted for many generations now, I believe we should be more honest and transparent with our new and potential immigrants and the countries from which they come.

I suggest:  “Give us your diseased, your depressed, your addicts longing for more, because they’ll fit right in.  All others, run for your lives!”

The statistics of disease, particularly cancer, along with depression in this country should be shocking to every American citizen.  Immigrants should realize that coming here will likely be extremely hazardous to their health.

According to Robyn O’Brien, who sites statistics from The American Cancer Society and LiveStrong in a recent speech, not only do we have the highest rates of cancer in the world, when immigrants come here from other countries their likelihood of developing cancer increases dramatically.

When it comes to depression, we also take the cake.  In her new book Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive, Dr. Joan Borysenko notes that of the entire world’s supply of antidepressants, a 9.6 billion dollar business in 2008, Americans use 2/3 of it.   I wonder if we might be depressed because so many of our friends and family members have cancer.

Cancer and depression aren’t the only diseases we are suffering from at abnormally accelerated rates.  Severe allergies have increased exponentially in this country since the 90s, as have multiple other diseases associated with inflammation.

Our economy is not the biggest crisis we are currently facing as Americans.  The major crisis is our food, and our lifestyle.

Please watch, and please, take action.

TEDxAustin Robyn O’Brien 2011