This has just crossed over to my Most Annoying Expressions list.  The gushing is now so deliberate, so ubiquitous, so extremely religious, that it nearly turns my stomach to hear it.  And like the universe conspiring to favor my amusement and discomfort in tandem, I hear it multiple times weekly.

“We are all one!” Russell Brand pushing it on Alex Jones

“You’re a spiritual man, right?” he asks.  Russell Brand reminds me of Jim Morrison.  A kind of man that is certainly very gifted and profound, but displays his sexual allure like a Don Jon dressed in peacock colors.  It makes it a bit harder to take him seriously.

Don’t get me wrong!  I too of course find him alluring, but that’s the point.  He needs to stop selling it.  Like Miley Circus.  Ok, we get it, you’ve got it in spades and need to show it off.  Great, a sec of gawking and can we get back to something of substance please?

And, fortunately for Russell, he does try to sell us that.  But I’m not buying it.  I dare propose that Russell is bought and sold and that his reasoning in these matters amounts to two hours of weekly coaching by the collectivist political teacher among his elite handlers.

But I could be wrong.  It does happen occasionally.

Don’t get me wrong again!  The Oneness thing is a delicious sentiment and if in community circles of a spiritual and creative nature this is an avenue that fosters awareness and communal spirit and personal development and fulfillment, wonderful, kudos, I’m all for that.  But if this is to be expected to apply to public policy, and be enforced somehow, in any way, then I must beg we consider all the issues from every angle.

An easy way to prove if I’m wrong and Russell is genuine and not actually a Jester of the Court, would be if he would, at Stefan Molyneux’s request, come on his show at  Stef is my greatest teacher at the moment. I know he could get to the bottom of this Oneness thing.  Which, I just can’t help it, but it stinks to me a bit foully of a collectivist agenda.  But, I’m not a philosopher, I just run on instinct.

And I’ve been on this scent lately . . .

Here’s a few I’ve found on it with me, teaching me all kinds of new things.  In case you care to venture into new territories together.

Coming from a highly controversial teacher, this subject is an old favorite of mine, being that I spent some time in Mena, Arkansas:

Whistleblowers are everywhere and exposing it all, you just need to tune in.  This one is Sibel Edmonds, whose book, Classified Woman, I’m looking forward to reading next.

A few very worth our time and support, this is true alternative media.

Let's use our heads in politics, not our hearts, which are easily manipulated.

Let's use our heads in politics, not our hearts, which are easily manipulated.