Handy Hubby has begun his annual six week vacation and the homesteading project list is long.  The DIY duties include new siding and windows and doors, oh my!  Not to mention the busiest time in the garden and the most glorious time to be outside here in East Texas.

Also around the bend is a much-anticipated visit by my sister with her tween boys and a beekeeping course.

So, my posts may be few, but for good reasons.  Until next time, a wee poem in honor of spring’s arrival–may we all discard that which is no longer serving lest its parasitic nature overtake us.


On the bough bent hangs still the mistletoe

The only sign of life through the winter blow

A spring wind howls daring burst its form

For the new growth enter now

To cast off all that’s torn.


Greetings and happy spring to y’all!