What makes a community a community and what makes it flourish?  Certainly shared interests and/or proximity are foundational, as are shared customs or mores, along with a level of interdependence and moral cohesion.  We wouldn’t call a country a community, because there are too many competing interests to incorporate these essential features.

Both the Left and the Right of the social spectrum believe they have the upper-hand in all things communal.  The Leftists think those on the Right are money-grubbing, self-serving individualists who would sooner run over the weakest links in the community with a bus rather than offer them a helping hand.  Those on the Right believe the Leftists are amoral sloths who want to spend their lives sucking off the teat of the State while they dictate how the rest of us should live.

My language might be extreme in describing these opposing ideals, but when I watch the mainstream pundits I feel this is exactly the mentality they’re pushing–all part of the divide and conquer strategy.

In fact, as an under-reported fact, those on the Right donate their money and time to those less fortunate more than those on the Left.  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/20/religion-politics-affect-americans-philanthropy/?page=all

Those on the Left come together in more diversified communities, which I would argue, strengthens the community by fostering greater tolerance.  But, I would also argue their tolerance tends to bleed over from tolerance to difference and into tolerance for anything and everything, including a seemingly ceaseless loyalty to their corrupt leaders.

Both sides are right and both sides are wrong.  What actually makes a community flourish is self-reliance.  When each member of a community is focused on self-reliance they’re in the best position to better serve their community as a whole.  Healthy, strong, self-reliant individuals create the kind of communities we all dream of–dynamic, creative, resilient, thriving networks of folks who are in a real position to help and support one another.

It is Leftist ideology that the collective is more important than the individual.  “We are all One!” “We are all in this together!” are popular slogans.  The Individualist is seen as a tyrant ready to pounce on their parade.  They question the intentions of this odd outsider.

“Who is that lone wolf who keeps howling ‘Don’t drag me in to your slaughterhouse of delusions!’? Get her out of here!”

I imagine our flock of ducks who move altogether as a single unit.  It works for them, we have yet to lose a single duck to a predator, while we have lost many chickens, turkeys, and guineas, who are not as flock-oriented.

The biggest difference between the ducks’ success on our wee homestead and the Liberals lack of success in politics is very simple:  VIGILANCE.  When even one duck quacks “Danger!” they all race for cover together.  When Liberals hear “Danger!” they stand there like deer in headlights before making the same infuriating decision to further empower the problem.  Our government is predatory and they’re getting ready to send the Queen Buzzard to run the White House.

Is that really the world that will work for all?  Where the whim of feelings and popular opinion trump reason, truth, evidence and logic?

Is this really the world that will work for all? Where the whim of feelings and popular opinion trump reason, truth and evidence?

“The struggle for freedom is ultimately not resistance to autocrats or oligarchs but resistance to the despotism of public opinion.” -- Ludwig von Mises

This is my last post in the Self-Reliance series.  The next series is dedicated to all my collectivist friends and will be centered on Voluntaryism, which I see as the only solution dedicated to non-violence.

Thanks for reading, and sharing your views, I appreciate it very much!