It’s great to find someone singing your tune, and it’s amazing how often these days it’s happening to me.

Fabian4Liberty is my latest discovery and I decided I must re-post him when he said: “Food production, ranching, farming, and specifically more of this permaculture farming . . . that is such an incredible entrepreneurial category.  As Jim Rogers said, in the next ten years the farmers will be driving the Lamborghinis and the Wall Street brokers will be driving the taxi cabs.”

His solutions of self-reliance and entrepreneurship as the only paths to success in the global economy ring entirely true with me and hopefully with an exponentially growing many.

The Federal Reserve Is Causing Global Revolution

Maybe I’m deep in confirmation bias at the moment, but my-oh-my it’s refreshing to hear some solid praise for the future we are trying to create here on the wee homestead.  I’ve got no interest in sporting a Lamborghini, but I do see a clearer path to opting out of what Fabian kindly calls “the wage paradigm,” which is better named neo-surfdom, in my opinion.

I feel like I’m witnessing two completely opposing worlds:  the pseudo-reality of all those tuning in to the Olympics against the reality of the revolutions in Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand, Syria, etc; the mysterious banker deaths labeled suicides; the massive spying on citizens; the militarization of the police force.  It seems no amount of data or pleading will get American eyes to focus on their issues and futures instead of their games and pleasantries.

Will it take the bread to run out for the circus to finally lose center-stage in folks’ lives?  The predictions on the increasing costs of fresh food are dire.    There’s a huge number of young Americans with a lot of time on their hands.  Our currency is unstable.  These factors combine to create fertile ground for the Global Revolution to make its way here, thank heavens.

Are you tired of the slave system? Do you even understand what slavery is, or where it comes from?  Are you curious what the future of your enslavement will look like?

Here’s the best video I’ve seen all year.  Yes, I know it’s only February, but there’s a lot of competition out there and I sift through quite a bit of it.

Stefan Molyneux has done it again–plunged through the propaganda, slashed through the agendas and doused the misinformation campaigns in order to re-educate those of us who can still learn as to what is the real truth about slavery.

The Truth About Slavery