I know I’ve preached it before, but I’m still convinced the surest way to safeguard our lives and liberty individually and collectively is greater self-reliance.  While Handy Hubby and I have come to love our relatively new country lifestyle, it’s obviously not for everyone.  But achieving more self-reliance is possible, and becoming very popular, in urban environments as well.

The increased efforts of many city dwellers in gaining greater control over their food, water, energy and education is a magnificent shift to witness.  Each day new articles stream into my inbox and newsfeeds–spreading awareness and connection and lots of hope that the country is truly waking up.

I remember while I was still asleep in the Missouri suburbs, bored to tears in the neighborhood state-run high school, I had very little concept what was actually happening in the outside world.  I believed what I was taught and I was taught not to question authority, above all else.  In those days I remember thinking:

What kind of wierdos homeschool?

In my heavily propagandized past I was led to believe homeschooling was about Bible-beaten kids not being able to pray in school.  I thought, those poor children, they’ll spend their lives believing the world was created in six days.  How will they ever get into college, I questioned, somehow with both judgement and empathy.

I sometimes wonder if it’s just by living in the South, land of Ron Paul and “Secede!” bumber-stickers, that the disillusionment of all-things government comes into you with the water–like some kind of anarchist fluoride.

I remember exactly the first time I heard of Ron Paul.  It was in downtown Houston at a rented house in a newly gentrified residential enclave.  On the side of one house was an enormous placard with REVOLUTION written in huge red letters, and in fine print at the bottom corner it said, Ron Paul.  I went home and googled him that day 7 years ago this month.

Folks who have no authentic experience of the South can only believe what they’re fed by the media and their high school history class.  I believed like I was taught, that this ingrained Southern distrust of government stemmed from sore Civil War losers and an adolescent rejection of authority.  I thought-Why can’t these losers get with the program?  We’re trying to end ignorance here, and poverty, and violence, and y’all down there refuse to budge.

Of course, I didn’t say “y’all” back then, or “folks.”

I haven’t just learned why most parents really choose to homeschool since my Southern transplanting, I also learned why they hunt, and garden, and learn to build.  These are not just traditions they continue to practice out of nostalgia. These are skills, crucial ones, that aren’t taught in school, and which growing up in “civilization” one would never imagine might be needed, until it’s too late.  In the case of self-reliance, the creators of fine State education think mathematics is far more important to teach a child than agriculture.  Having sucked myself at math, I can proudly attest I’ve successfully managed decades of adulthood without ever having to use it.

Cities are very vulnerable to catastrophe, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and it does seem to be changing.  Locavore and Slow food movements have been helping those in the city to appreciate that which is still taken for granted in rural life.  Farmers markets and food Co-ops bring families together in community.  The strong global GMO labeling and banning movement is proof that the people really are at war with the Corporatocracy, and we’re not yet winning.

I know so very many well-meaning Progressives and Liberals who still believe the answer is to further empower the government in order to overhaul the system from the inside.  Certainly, Marianne Williamson’s very recent decision to run for Congress is a case in point.  To these folks I’d like to repeat the definition of InsanityRepeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

For the rest of us who know self-reliance is the solution, Ron Paul has done it again.  Thanks heavens he realizes this Revolution is the slow, insipid kind compared to those of our past.

Through the children, through the homes, through self-reliance, we will take back our power and our Republic will be restored.  And if like many Americans you have had what feels like a lethal dose of the Obamacare and Common Core Blues, join the Revolution!

The Revolution Solution!

The Revolution Solution!