As a society passes into the final stages of fascism a seething war erupts between the assumed-to-be-sovereign individual and whatever entity is currently functioning as the State–whether the military, corporate, royalty–whichever interests top the power structure.

In the name of the collective, under the guise of protector, above the law, beyond good and evil, hungry for more power and control, the State worms its way through every shred of life, in such an extensive tunneled labyrinth that life can no longer be defined without it.

Nothing can exist, nothing can occur, nothing can be created without the interference of the State.  From before pregnancy until after death it is directing, demanding, forbidding, licensing, following, intervening.

The reminders and signs are frequent, universally and personally.  Last week I received this letter.

“It is my understanding that you do not wish to comply with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service volunteer background screening.  This being so, we would like to thank you for your service to the Master Gardener Program and I accept your decision to resign as a volunteer effective immediately.”

Sincerely, Jayla Fry, Texas Master Gardener Coordinator

Kafka’s characters often navigate these insipid intrusions on the sovereignty of the individual and the sometimes covert, sometimes overt infiltration of a highly centralized power claiming dominion over the public institutions, the universities, the law, the media, the local community, the individual Life- - the coercion, the regulations, the bureaucracy extends right through our lawns and all the way up our vaginas.

Now even a group of middle-aged and elderly women who meet to talk roses and shrubs and plan how to get the community to garden more need to be background checked.  For whom, exactly?  Why?  No explanation is given, no questions are answered.  Comply or get banished.

Who are they trying to keep out of the Master Gardeners?  Who are they trying to keep safe?  Certainly not children, as we never work alone or with unsupervised children.  We would have to be a network of pedophiles and their enablers to pull off such private abuse of children in such public settings.

It seems I’m the only one of the group to be offended by this insinuation, or even to understand what’s being insinuated, as well as see the systematic abuse of power in treating mature law-abiding citizens as criminals. No explanation is given, no questions are answered–the women follow their orders and fill out the proper paperwork.

I complained about the new background check requirements for my Master Gardener’s voluntary service on Facebook and was shocked by some of the replies I got.  The primary argument was:

“If it makes one child safer then everyone should get background checks!”

Wow.  So innocent until proven guilty really does not exist in this country anymore.  We are all criminals in advance unless the State decides otherwise.  So what does Freedom mean, apparently I’m confused.

“Instead of optimism, the specter of paperwork permits cynicism to flourish. Privilege may temporarily disappear into the meticulous procedures of paperwork, which become recognizable rituals of impartiality, even if no one is satisfied with their actual performance. Anyone who has ever visited the DMV has taken part in this grand democratization of frustration. In a state where the DMV is the model institution, everyone is equal in that they are equally miserable. But paperwork also opens new avenues for the exercise of influence that are just as opaque as any earlier systems abused by elites. As documentation proliferates, so too do auditors auditing the clerks, and auditors auditing those auditors, and on and on to theoretical infinity. This network of data and overtaxed inspectors and processors has the effect of creating a miasma of competing claims for legitimacy, as well as ample opportunity for doling out preferential treatment, circumventing the law, subverting authority, serving oneself. Information becomes obfuscation, particularly under the pressures of “surveillance and acceleration,” which Kafka isolates as the contradictory demands of state power. The state needs to know more to function fairly, but with more information comes more urgency to process it all, yielding even more information to process and sending fairness further over the horizon.”

Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB officer and defector who decades ago marveled at how efficiently the “demoralization process” has worked in America pleads with the audience that the U.S. was the last place to defect to, if we screwed it up, Freedom would exist nowhere else on Earth.

But folks still aren’t listening and/or they still aren’t questioning.  They are like the old Czech ladies I constantly questioned, who repeated each in her own way the same story that always began with:  “We had no idea what they were capable of!”

But that doesn’t work anymore; We know now, what they are capable of!  Informed, with eyes wide open we can independently confirm the bulk of the New World Order End Game, and the remainder of the path to getting there, but very few bother to do so.

Why?  Because instead:

  • Bostonians gleefully cheer the tanks and militarily-armed officers and neighborhood lockdown in a mad search for a single teenager.
  • Consumers and volunteers sign over their privacy with a smile to any clerk who asks.
  • Taxes, inflation, foreclosure, fraud are accepted as necessary evils like hurricanes and tornados. That these are man-made alterable evils held in place by hypocrisy, greed and organized corruption and complacency goes completely ignored.

The mainstream propaganda machine reports, occasionally, the US is at war in two countries.  The new Royal Baby or globally inconsequential trail, or latest political scandal command the bulk of the headlines and time.  The mass of men are in an artificially-created information bubble that consists of trumped-up Hollywood infotainment keeping us focused on the minutest conflicts between suspicious neighbors.

Yet, “safety” actually means we must support US military operations in 74 countries!

Safety means we must require background checks of average citizens volunteering in their communities.  Safety means we must register our guns with the State deciding which ones we can own and who can own them.

All this for safety from terrorism, and criminals, apparently.

Our safety is their primary concern.  How to achieve safety, they inquire in public round-tables and through special global sessions, and in secret Bilderberger spots and confirmed through clandestine Bohemian Grove rituals.

How to keep our citizens safe?  Not through good roads, bridges, banks, levees, air, water, no, that’s too obvious.

Through weapons.  And war.  And a highly structured world economy based on a military industrial complex, the blackmarket, a handful of elite social programmers systematically robbing the resources of the less civilized, less deserving or otherwise less fortunate ones.

John Glaser wrote in February:

For the past decade, we’ve seen the rise of a secret, unaccountable U.S. military force … Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is an unwieldy private army at the command of the President, and him only. And they conduct military and spy missions all over the world, never receiving formal congressional approval ….

Justice upside-down!  Mental slavery!  A social contract gone postal!  Or . . .

Operant Conditioning: The dehumanization of individuals to a perpetual status of stimulus-response, without time to reflect and appropriately respond, without capacity for introspection-creating human automatons-drugged out or stressed out or tuned out.  Once these automatons are saturating every part of public life–military, educational and corporate environments-the battle for the collective unconscious has been won.

Last week at a popular shoe store I said “no” to giving my phone number while paying for my merchandise and the clerk bristled as if I had insulted her personally.  I wondered, did she have to be trained to react that way?

The week before I was informed by Paypal that my account would be cancelled unless I provided my Social Security number and a photo ID.  Again, I refused to comply.

I can no longer feign sovereignty even as a consumer or citizen.  To spend MY money on privately produced goods, to spend MY time volunteering in my community, now must also serve some mysterious federal function that stinks of data mining and obsessive control freakishness.

I remember on a long train trip across the USSR I was woken during the night on 5 different occasions to show my passport and visas to the various bands of officials-Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, East German.  The more countries one ventured through the more banal this routine became.

“Why do I have to show my passport on both sides of every border?” I asked in vain, because of course, no one knew why.  Not the officials performing the absurd ritual, nor the passengers forced to submit.

Predictive Programming

Whoever bothers to ask “why” is quickly smacked with the power of Groupthink.  The Collective ability to respond is limited to 3 variations:

1. “They’re trying to catch criminals, you know, it’s just a small inconvenience,” is the Authority-lovers protective reply, because they need to puff-up in their cozy position on the right side of the civil hierarchy, and therefore the law.

2.  “Do you think they’ll search my bag?!” is the teeth-gritted reply of a significant number of avid travelers-because so much is illegal and the regulations change so rapidly and randomly and so many of us perform innocent actions regularly that are in fact illegal, that it becomes necessary to focus all our attention at the personal and highly self-conscious level just to continue to function.  The broader social, political, economic, historical, philosophical issues behind subservience to an arbitrary collective run by the State remain in a foggy backdrop of self-concern and perpetual confusion.   Those who maintain and support this system have little to fear from the racing hamster-citizen who keeps spinning on his special wheel.

3.  “Can you believe this shit?” says the faux-anarchist, “What the hell are they doing?”  “Who do they think they are?”  “I will not comply!” But the conversation stops there and the questions are never seriously debated, or thoroughly researched.  More importantly, simply by not complying the wanna-be culture-clasher can no longer travel, no longer get a job or volunteer,  can’t tolerate walking through the city for all the cameras, and even refrains from visiting the doctor and dentist and using social media because she is so infuriated by the all-pervasive, all-encompassing Surveillance State that she remains obstinately outside the rails of society and is therefore as useless in deflecting our demise as the rest.

The mainstream media is shaping the conversation, keeping it as narrow as possible, ensuring our response-ability remains stuck at adolescent level, so that we continue to relegate and deflect our thinking and deciding to an outside authority.  That’s right, the State again.

History… The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment


Maturity is marked by an acceptance of responsibility.  An adult should be able to effectively respond to as many situations as possible with the natural leaders being those who respond the best most often and are most willing.  In our current system we give our response-ability away at every opportunity.

The information is out there now, support and community are out there, so there’s absolutely no rational excuse for each of us not to take our own unique brand of action to get informed for real, and seriously question the propaganda this highly organized system is churning out.

(Zbigniew Brzezinski on Syria: US is engaging in “mass propaganda”, “Who’s fighting for democracy?”)

The part of the End Game I’m most intent on overcoming: The dismantling and active discouraging of self-reliance.  I can’t imagine a greater enemy of the State than empowered individuals and local communities in complete control of their resources-food, water, energy-healthy individuals in body, mind and spirit can overcome dependency and learned helplessness and create the space for authentic, transparent, organic conscious cultural evolution.  I have no idea how this will happen only that it must happen.

The End Game is more of the same.  There doesn’t need to be a Liberty-loving militia, there will be no real Revolution.  No amount of civil disobedience can save us now.  We must wait and grit our teeth and take our lashes.  The leviathan state will crumble, as it always does, burning everything in its path as it goes.  Our new Masters will rise from the ashes and we’ll begin the genocidal march toward collectivity once again.

Stop calling US free!

Stop choosing the Matrix!

One mind, One world, Unite, and other collective propaganda tools of the trade

One mind, One world, Unite, and other collective propaganda tools of the trade