Resurrection:  Sure to blow your mind. If you follow the story in the Bible to its origin you will find it represents the sun’s return to prominence in the Spring equinox.  Easter is actually the goddess Ishtar and Passover meant you were an Isrealite who had sacrificed a lamb and painted its blood on the entryway to your home, so that you would be “passed over” when the Lord smote all the first-born in Egypt.  Ham is eaten to avenge the death of the God Tammuz by a wild pig.  Those fun and funky family traditions!

I’ve been absorbing these documentaries and lectures on all-things-conspiracy but am ever-wary of the messengers. Everybody has an agenda-in the Truther Movement “Jesus loves you” types top the arena:  This is hard for me to swallow.  I’m allergic to group-think of every kind.  I’m hyper-reactive to anyone pushing an agenda other than simple Truth.  I know from too much experience how easily one can get lost in one’s own agenda.

It’s not that I don’t find Bible stories at times uplifting or morally cogent, it’s that I find worshiping a book written, rewritten, translated and reassembled multiple times by men over a thousand years in the name of God to be too absurd to take too seriously.

When I hear repeating references to “our Savior” I’ve got a gag-reflex near peak-level and my automatic internal response is: “OMG, WTFU! NO ONE is coming to save you!  This is exactly why we’re imploding, everyone’s been trained to call out to Jesus, or Allah, or the Reptilian ships, or the government, or the scientists, or Big Daddy to be saved.  It’s not only unsavory, it’s pathetic.

But overcoming my knee-jerk nausea whenever I hear religulous-speak has been a crucial, painful and very conscious step toward my own evolution.  The stories in the Bible do have origins and how those have been twisted to suit empirical desires and corrupted to serve the power-hungry and especially how these stories have constructed such vast social, political and spiritual manipulation so successfully is absolutely fascinating.  Such complexities cannot be discovered through the eyes of a critic circling to find the weakest link, or by calling out the obvious inconsistencies to which most Bible pushers are completely deaf anyway, but rather through the compassionate and eager listener’s ear and the beginner’s mind–willing to accept anything in the moment–but committed to critical thinking in later analysis.

If you think this is an easy balance to strike you’ve either never done the former, or skipped over the later.

The Bible is a powerful book, every version of it, if for no other reason than so many folks believe it, praise it, follow it as the singular gospel of God.  What science tells us through “sacred geometry” and quantum physics is that what we think and especially what we think in groups is as great a power as the universe itself.  This is why the Truthers (aka “Conspiracy Theorists”) are screaming so loudly at the moment, they know, as I do, if we can just get enough numbers to reach the Tipping Point we really will awaken a new reality:  An evolved social consciousness, a True Resurrection.

I’ve been on vacation these last weeks and intend to take another six weeks or so with Hubby.  Ain’t Life Grand!  How I spend each day at home is now my perfect vacation:  A couple painless hours making money, a few more on our wholesome living-that is in the garden or kitchen, and a few more on Facebook with a rapidly expanding community dedicated to saving the world.  I’ve created my own little perfect world, a kind of semi-permanent vacation-life of which I’m becoming quite proud.

I know our FB efforts are working because the tension is tight and the resistance astounding.  I’ve become immune to it now because the seeds we’ve been planting are starting to grow and multiply.  My sisters, both staunch skeptics just a couple months ago have opened their eyes, and after watching only a few documentaries understand the language already, and get the severity of the problem.

We don’t need everyone on board to realign our path with goodness, justice, health and abundance.  We empower each other, we listen to each other, we stop scoffing for just one second and research independently.  The Truth is out there, the Truth-seekers are on the scent, and it’s a fantastic feeling to realize the power of Truth to usher in the real Resurrection: Our kingdom come, Our will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

My fav photo of all time: Lightening strikes the Vatican hours before Pope Benedict resigns.  Lesson to be learned: Just because it doesn't matter to You, doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

My fav photo of all time: Lightening strikes the Vatican hours before Pope Benedict resigns. Lesson to remember: Just because it doesn't matter to You, doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

My current research question for Christians:  Since Jesus was resurrected from the dead does that mean he was the first Zombie?  I mean, technically speaking?