I’ve spent the last weeks trying to convince various friends that I’m not insane.  The more sensitive of them, bless their hearts, are offended by my tone.  And they want me to soften my message so it will be better received.  They are afraid that I’m afraid and say reacting out of fear is not conducive to right-mind decisions.  They’ve looked at some of my links and have found some of those speaking seem to lack credibility.  They are tuning out of the massive number of my conspiracy-themed shares on Facebook.  One well-meaning and highly intelligent man chuckled as he said, “You don’t think you’re going to get everyone to see 9/11 was an inside job, do you?”

Maybe I do.  Does that make me insane?  I’m not afraid, because I’ve dealt with my fear, as people living in a sane culture naturally do.  Here we pander off all things unsavory for someone else to handle, which is exactly what’s gotten us into this mess.

These conscientious and peace-loving friends want me to stop using words like conspiracy, slavery, tyranny and war.  They did not appreciate the reference “greenie-weenies” in my last post.  Some of them believe that by preparing for disaster I’m actually inviting it in–you know, because of Quantum Physics and all.  Honestly I’m very thankful any of them are still speaking to me and some let me rant about the deplorable state of the world and the fact that I refuse to buy any longer the incessantly repeated messages of ignorance or ineptitude in Washington or the media.  If y’all are that inept then follow Bulgaria’s lead and get the hell out.  It seems to me that might be your covert plan in fact, so the shadow government can officially take over and the mass-tranced public will usher them in and call it Liberation.

I refuse to sugar-coat truth to make it more palatable to anyone, friends or not.  To argue that because it might not be the truth I should make it more pleasant to hear is absurd-until we open our minds to accept anything beyond what is spoon-fed to us in Propaganda, which is now legal, we can never shift our perceptions.  We must first imagine there might be a different story before we can accept any new story.  Until we use words that actually spark people they will undoubtedly prefer to stay asleep.  When the house is burning the language you use to rouse its occupants should have an impact.  “Excuse me ma’am, but I believe there could be an enflamed beam about to fall on your head,” seems rather ineffectual.

I wonder precisely how many years of indoctrination it took for us to decide that civilized people don’t talk about politics or religion, because they’re too sensitive and inflammatory for most folks to discuss.  I’ve even agreed to these absurd conditions myself in order to give seminars on the Thrive Movement at the local library.  I must stick strictly to topics of gardening and self-sufficiency and absolutely avoid those other dreadful and divisive topics.

Does that mean I’ll give in to all this pressure and resistance?

Yeah right, that’ll be the day the Pope resigns.

Oh damn, that just happened.  But don’t worry, be happy, it means nothing to you, like the LIBOR scandal, it doesn’t mean the house is burning down at all.

In summation,

9/11 was an inside job.  And “plausible deniability”?  Please, a novelist wouldn’t invent a story that ridiculous. http://youtu.be/BsDtvu2uTuA

The greatest of still-secret knowledge: The universe is a self-organizing, self-healing, self-perpetuating system–from the most minute to the most expansive elements–and that includes YOU!  What marvelous knowledge it’s taken me half a life to discover, because it’s being deliberately repressed:  The nature of energy and matter and space and what that means for our potential and even our continued survival.


For those of you who still think I’m not focused enough on solutions:

Thrive Movement

Focusing on solutions does not mean we get to skip over the ugly parts in order to get there, before renewal and regeneration must come deconstruction.

Since you made it all the way to the end of the post I’ll confide another secret, this one personal.  I actually have done something crazy lately.  Late one night I was coming to terms with the reality of what it would mean to give my life in defense of the sovereignty of my body, mind and country against the New World Order.  I realized there was something I’d regret never having done in my life.  So, I went out and bought all new living room furniture, on credit.

At last my soul is at peace and I can continue to fight the good fight.

Certainly a safer expression of midlife than a little red Corvette, or hot red-blooded affair!  Surely Hubby would agree.  But don't worry, I didn't get that rug, now that would be certifiable!

Certainly a safer expression of mid-life than a little red Corvette, or hot red-blooded affair. Surely Hubby agrees. But don't worry, I didn't get that rug, now that would be certifiable.