I’ve had a brilliant revelation last night in the form of a dream that will be translated into this post.

What I saw was a bottle, a plain translucent sort of bottle, I believe it was green.  On the side of it was printed in white block letters:  L.O.V.E.

Now I know there’s nothing new or big here.  But, as a lucid dreamer I sometimes go to sleep asking myself for an answer around a complicated question that’s evaded me while awake.  Lately I’ve been asking myself how to stop terrorism without creating more terror, because there seems to be a dreadful lack in this department worldwide.

So you see LOVE is not a good, doable, or creative answer.  People have been trying it for millennia.  Some of us anyway.   It hasn’t worked.  The haters snuffle and scoff when approached with such platitudes as Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Peace.

They say things like:  ”What prosaic wisdom you dish out there alone in the woods.  You should make inspirational self-help posters!”  Or other such nonsense meant to shame and silence.  Though surely they mean well?

Knowing myself to be more profound than to utter such platitudes, I search instead for the deeper meaning, as always.  What about the bottle?  What about the fact that written was not LOVE, but L.O.V.E.

What does that stand for, the “me” inquires in the dream.  It looks like an acronym.  An answer comes readily.  It stands for:  Let Our Values Evolve.

And then at last I “get it.” The meaning of the whole dream comes pouring over me in a flash.  The bottle’s role is fundamental.  This is what’s happened to our country and around the globe.  A bottleneck.  Exactly what I saw in New Orleans after Katrina.  It comes from failed, out-of-touch and disempowering leadership.

If you’d like a fantastic semi-fictional account, read the eye-opening novel Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers, one of the most potent and inspiring novelists of our age.

What it looks like is a bottle-full of energy, resources, skills, availability held back by a neck too narrow to let it escape.  An embouteillage as is said in French–a backing up–as in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  In our case the cork is the Global Domination Agenda being openly deployed by the 1%, the neck is the 1% themselves, and the rest of the bottle is all of us.  The embouteillage is deliberate and happening as we watch:  The Department of Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, NDAA, FEMA camps, Citizen’s United.  Factual evidence, not theory.

I truly believe those of us in the bottle want our global values to evolve, not regress.  We believe that terrorism is fueled by hatred, which is fueled by Dominance.

What about 100 billion bottles washed up on the shore?  L.et O.ur V.alues E.volve! Stop corking us up.  We have the tools, the resources, the talent, the numbers to make it happen.  But we’re going to have to get a little crazy. They are only 1% and it’s only money, we are standing for so much more.

What if those bottles represented all the people in the past, present and future who stop paying taxes to a corrupt and criminal government?

What if the Free Love moment of the 60s wasn’t really saying “Love” as in go around and shag everyone, but was simply an honest effort by a lot of navel-gazing youth to uncork the evolutionary potential inside this bottle? FREE L.O.V.E!

Dreams may not have all the answers, but we dreamers are the only ones out here still looking for another way.  Whether you believe a shred in Conspiracy Theory or not, your eyes aren’t open if you can’t see how unaligned are the people with the policy with the principles.

How far must the energy expand before the bottle explodes?

I believe we should all get ready to find out.  I now officially call myself a Conspiracy Theorist, but I’m adding a little ditty to that label:  Evolutionary Conspiracy Theorist Intent Not on Bitching or Raising Awareness but on Creating a New Age Anti-Terror Agenda.

I think I might need a wee team.  I think we’ll need a cool name like: Souljourners Truth

What do you think?

Facebook rocks, thanks for this timely message, Marilyn!

Facebook rocks, thanks for this timely message, Marilyn!