Day 22 of my Boycott of TSA and the Airlines

Sometimes I get the feeling activism skipped my generation.  The Babyboomers had their war protesting and their free love to solidify them and demonstrate to the world what they were standing for, and now there’s all kinds of anarchist activity with the 20 somethings.  But when I look back at how my generation has grown up I see a lot of navel-gazing and social climbing.

Sure we followed the Dead to the end and later String Cheese and so on, but there was very little political happening.  If we were standing together for anything it was gathering for gathering’s sake.  Gathering to prove our right to gather.  Gathering to keep from being alone.  Gathering to pass the time.  Gathering to party.  Gathering to reminisce.  Gathering to be social, because they say that’s healthy.  I got very tired of it.  Too purpose-driven, I focused instead on production and consumption.

Now that I’m rarely gathering I miss it terribly.  Still, I know I need it in a new way.  I need my entertainment to have purpose.  I need less frivolity and more provocation.  I need to shift from trying to wake up the sheeple and band instead with the nouveaux hippies, even if they’re 20 years younger than I am.  I’m ashamed to say I’m afraid of feeling so old.

There might be a name they call themselves, but I wouldn’t know it because I’m not yet privy to those circles.   I’m thinking of “tribes” I’d like to know, like this Rising Appalachia (see below).  Sounds like my kind of people, and even driving distance from here.  No need to end my boycott.   But I’m going to have to suck it up and seek them out even if it means being referred to behind my back as “that older lady”.

The narcissism of my generation is its most poignant feature.  I don’t mean that in only a bad way.   Narcissism has its charms and paves the way to audacious possibilities.  We tend to be refreshingly optimistic, once you get past the nihilistic shell.  Some of my dearest friends are total narcissists and I adore them for it.  I’m sure they’d say the same of me.

Only a narcissist would attempt to slay Goliath.  It’s a crucial piece to achieving autonomy and actualization and packs the necessary hubris to rise against authority.

From the youth and the Boomers we must now (re)adapt one crucial trend FAST–blending art with activism.  The nihilism of my generation is what’s not working.  We don’t want to take responsibility-and who can blame us really.  We absorbed the wisdom of the 60s hippies that power had to be de-corrupted, deconstructed, reinvented, but then we got stuck because we had no idea what any other structures looked like.  We still lived “Daddy knows best” at home, even if Daddy was living with his girlfriend.   We inherited a disaster and we still want Daddy to fix it.

Frankly, I feel sorry for us, as only a narcissist could.  It’s not fair.  WE didn’t make this mess.  And who the hell keeps moving the cheese?

Oh, wait a minute.  I think that might be me.

For a shift in consciousness, to get back inside possibility, to soar with angels or face down Goliath, we need ART to model the future we are looking to create—dance, song, paint, plant, play our way to harmony and healing.  So it becomes second nature to you and me, when we are asking ourselves again–who moved my cheese–we’ll laugh and say, no matter, we have a cow now.

Paving the way.  Thank you:

SIMPLIFY, my favorite message!

Re-Invention LAND!

Imagine, WOW !

Dive in, YES!

Follow this blog for the next 4 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

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Not in my House!