Day 9 of my Boycott of TSA and the Airlines

I’ve spent the morning researching and compiling another page of relevant links.  I can’t bare to post it today.  I’ll start giving you smaller doses.

For now I’ll just say they have one all-too-evident thing in common:  They support the words of T. Jefferson

“The greatest calamity which could befall us would be submission to a government of unlimited powers.”

I could go on for the next days of this commitment posting lists of data and never run short of proof.  Where should my energy best be spent?  Trying to prove to people it’s actually happening, trying to prove it to myself?

The information is out there, you can find it easily enough.   The question remains, are you feeling any safer?  With all this talk of martial law and terrorist watch lists-is your life starting to feel like a TV show?

I can’t spend still another day trying to convince myself it can’t be true.  Questioning whether I’m on the list and what that means.  The best I can do for anyone and myself is to prepare.  There’s a very long to-do list and some of it will sound too crazy to most people to write it here.

I can stay focused on the things I know.

Do I feel safer now knowing there’s a Terrorist Watch List and stations are popping up all over the country to employ thousands of people to secretly compile data about the people on the list?

Do I feel safe that it’s clear the state-corporate media is not telling the whole story?

Do I feel safe that peaceful protestors gather surrounded by a militarized police force and that our government is now preparing for “civil unrest”?

Do I feel safe that in order to use a major transportation service I must subject myself to radiation or a pat down, or if I’m one of the lucky one million, both?

Do I think all this spying, intimidating and frisking will stop the terrorists?


So, what is to be done about it?

In the short or long term I come up with the same answer and it gives me hope we are on the right path.  Local control of our food, water and energy is the first thing to secure.  I like to think in this way I’m very much following my leaders-as in what they do, not what they say.

The Bush’s are setting a good example-is it that they are so very green?

I really believe we can rally and refuse to allow our civil liberties to be squashed.  This time history can’t repeat itself because Americans have an incredibly healthy sense of entitlement.  We might have been able to stand “them” getting victimized by their governments, or ours, but we could never put up with it here.  Live in a perpetual war state?  Give up free speech?  Give up our dream and/or illusion of a democratic government.

Because they’re saying that will make us safer?

We can avert this disaster by preparing.  We might not know exactly what to expect, but a little preparation is better than none at all.  I remember after Katrina all that happened, and didn’t happen; it’s burned in my psyche and that of everyone who experienced it.  We cannot afford to leave our livelihoods in the hands of the state or federal governments.


I also remember before Katrina so many people chose not to listen.  I remember evacuating alone on deserted streets at 5 am, days before mandatory evacuations were ordered.  And still people stayed.  Still they partied, they clung, they resisted.  I had that urge too.  Many times.

Some were then arrested for trying to find food after their grievous choice not to leave.  Yet I’ll bet most of us if we knew there were some of our neighbors there who needed what was left in our fridges and pantries, we would have given them the keys.  It would have benefitted us as well actually, then we wouldn’t have come home to such disgusting rotten food and dead pets.

See it’s not that I think the people can do it so much better than the government, it’s that I’ve experienced how quickly disempowered people become when they do not have control over their own survival.

So today, no long list of sites and facts and opinions, I’ll save that for later.

We have lived our entire lives on warning–from enemies often invisible to us.  We are entitled now, we imagine.  We shouldn’t have to suffer, that’s the old way.  We shouldn’t have to give anything up.  And I agree, we shouldn’t have to.

But consider the Bush’s, they’re off-the-grid and they don’t look like they’re suffering much.

Resilience communities are popping up as fast as the fusion centers.  It’s as easy as starting a garden, and a conversation.

What would it take for you to start by gathering your own provisions to get your family through 3 months–money, food, water.  That’s a good start.  And when you’ve secured your safety, then help your neighbor.

OUR house does not stand for divide and conquer, it stands for democracy.  And if that’s false, then let’s take those lies and make them true!  :)

Follow this blog for the next 16 days and really consider if all this Terrorist Watching is making you feel any safer.

If you think there might be something rotting in OUR House that needs our attention, simply in the comments section write:

Not in my House!

(thank you Trisha!)