Day 2 of TSA and Airline Boycott

My friends overwhelmingly believe I’m crazy or taking this too far.  Give up my vacation to take a stand against unlawful search?  There’s got to be an easier way, they insist.  I want y’all to know, I know it’s not going to be easy, I’m already pouting at the thought of missing my much-anticipated escape to cool weather and civilization, not to mention the Fringe Festival and Glamping—more on that later.

And some have joked that they must be on the watch list too, merely for their affiliation with me.  I so hope that’s not true, but consider that too.  As much as I would never want to put anyone else in danger, just consider that, because that’s exactly the way it happens in closing societies.  First him, then me, then you.  I appreciate and enjoy your “humor”, I so hope we are wrong.  But how long can we collectively pretend that this is not incredibly RISKY.  Until we are all being watched, or at least think we are?  The same way it’s happened countless times throughout history.  We think we are immune, we think we are innocent and protected, until it’s too late.

For all you doubting Tina’s and Thomas’ whose line of questioning tried to lead me toward examining if I’m really on the list, I say only, Really?  That’s your main concern, whether I’m on the list, not whether there’s a list at all?!

TSA admits there is in fact a list!

Notice how they word this:  as a myth buster.

BUSTER: There are less than 400,000 individuals on the consolidated terrorist watch list and less than 50,000 individuals on the no-fly and selectee lists. Individuals on the no-fly and selectee lists are identified by law enforcement and intelligence partners as legitimate threats to transportation requiring either additional screening or prohibition from boarding an aircraft.”

450,000 citizens are considered potential terrorist and must have extra screening.  And we collectively find this an OK number.  But one million, well, that’s just crazy.

By being on this list we are being officially tagged without our knowledge, with no indication why we are on the list, and knowing with proof there are many individuals on this list mistakenly.

Thanks to the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security we can be selected for unlawful search on every flight, and because we’re considered potential terrorists if we are thought or accused of committing any crime we can be arrested and held without a phone call, in any number of detention centers around the world, for any length of time without due process.

There are many instances of this happening in our own country with our own citizens who are not terrorists.  Read about the Zeitoun family:

There are many more and I’ll be sharing their stories in this blog over the course of my boycott.

What’s even more astounding is that these stories don’t make the mainstream evening news, although this glowing story about TSA does:

A Gallup poll of 1,014 randomly selected citizens who have decided TSA is doing a stellar job makes the televised NBC evening news.  WOW!  One thousand fourteen people make the news, but 450,000 people suspected of terrorism for unknown and unpublished reasons who are systematically being unlawfully searched and added to a secret list do not.

And no one finds this unusual?